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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Busy Times At The OKC Spice Shop

This was a huge weekend at the shop. If you remember, the Saturday before this one was the ice storm, so business was very slow. I was surprised we had any sales at all that day, but we did.  This week I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and will work again tomorrow, and every weekend until Christmas. Able and Kari were out of the lineup for a few days.

     Twenty things to remember on those super busy, marathon days at the spice shop:

#1. No custom little gift sets. Sheesh. Time is money, so no. Redirect and sell them something else.

#2. Stop and take a drink of water regularly or you'll find yourself 'thirsting to death' by 3:00.

#3.  Everyone on staff should be quick to help each other whenever possible. No shirkers!

#4. Keep smiling, but don't get pulled into lengthy conversations.

#5.  Always order more Truffle Salt than you think you need. (It still won't be enough.)

#6.  Help your employees play to their strengths. You yourself play all the bases, as needed.

#7.  Remember: The customer may not always be right, but they should leave happy.

#8.  Backstock the shelves all day long.

#9.  Keep an eye on the Saffron jars.

#10.  Forget about eating lunch. Be happy if you can grab a snack around 3:30.

#11.  Stand on the mats whenever you can, for your feet's sake.

#12.  When the register freezes, get everyone singing a song while one person fixes the problem.

#13.  Listen to the customers, then sell them something that will make them happy.

#14.  Don't hover! Let them explore the shop and discover something wonderful.

#15.  Keep the doors open as long as people are still coming in the door. You have nothing better to do.

#16.  Be sure to tell them you appreciate their business. There are lots of stores that sell spices.

#17.  For heaven's sake, remember to USE THE BLASTED SCANNER.

#18.  If given a big order, ask if they could stop back by tomorrow to pick it up. (Name and phone #)

#19.  Hand them the big jar, but be perfectly happy to make them a small one.

#20.  Lock the doors when you are closing the registers.  Don't stay too late. Tomorrow is another day.


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