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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas morning. I awoke to a blue and pink sky and then opted to go back to bed. I am resting for a few days at the farm.  Able and Kari came up last night and were here to enjoy the peace and beauty that is the farm in mid-winter.  We had some presents all around, this morning, in honor of the day.
      Most of the landscape is tawny and brown for as far as the eye can see. But here and there is a splash of color. The neighbor's field is green with winter wheat and I see a spark of red near the bird feeders.  A blue bucket hangs from the tree house by a rope.  Purple pansies bob their velvet heads in the wind. Two orange Goldfish swim in the murky fountain pond.
     My younger brother came by today for a long visit and a late lunch. He has come down from the mountains to spend some time with Dad over the holidays and swung by here because I wasn't supposed to be driving anywhere today. You see, the day before yesterday something unexpected happened.  For a couple of hours in the middle of the day I was unable to remember some things which should have come quickly to mind. It was alarming, to say the least. My memory is usually so faithful and predictable. I hung around in town for awhile (in the ER, reading the paper mostly) and then came home.  My daughter came up to spend the night and be company until we could get it checked out.       Next day I had a CT scan and will have an MRI as soon as possible.
      No explanation so far. Yesterday I was very tired (probably from the anxiety brought on by being abandoned by my own memory), but today was better. We made cinnamon rolls, sat out and talked in the beautiful weather, had a small fire in the chiminea and petted the cats.  I'm glad Jim came over to visit. Tomorrow I may go over to Okeene so Dad can lay eyes on me and make sure I'm all right. I feel okay but low on energy and a slight headache now and then.
      My daughters sent me lovely pictures of their families all dressed up for Christmas Mass. Next year I must go with them, to be part of the celebration. Now I am off to bed to dream sweet dreams.
 Happy Christmas!

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