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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cowboy Concert

Zane, Maggie, Abbey, Everett (the top of his Mario costume), Brent and Brendan at the concert.

     The OKC Philharmonic has a program of concerts each year designed especially for children.  The music is real music but is presented in ways that make it more understandable and enjoyable to children.  There is singing-along; coming dressed in certain costumes; dancers or performers of other kinds; there are also lots of things to do in the lobby before the concert begins.  Sometimes even the members of the orchestra dress in costumes. The big plus is this: the concerts only run about 45 minutes.
     On a recent Saturday I went, with Abbey, her kids and Zane, to the Cowboy concert.  The kids all wore their cowboy 'outfits' and hats....well, Everett wore a Mario costume, but no one was a stickler for authenticity.  We tested out various instruments in the lobby, some made personal brands to be worn as necklaces. We did not join in the line dancing or have our picture made.  (: ( Those would have been my favorites.)
      Of course, Hoe-down was the first piece. Then we had some western music from the movies and television shows, complete with trick ropers on stage. They did all the things Will Rogers did except rope tricks on a horse.  I guess that was the line in the sand. No horses onstage.     We all stood, clapped, and sang along when they performed "Oklahoma". I think the magnitude of the audience response to our state song surprised the guest conductor.  Many states don't even know their state song and others sing quietly and reverently. Here in the sooner state we all know the song and sing, clap and YEOW! with gusto. It helps that our song was written by Rodgers and Hammerstein.
      After the concert, we traveled to Roxie's for ice cream. Here, Brendan and Zane are bellied-up to the bar, swappin' lies (as my great-uncle Worth would say) while Miss Maggie does the twirly-whirly on the vintage bar stools. (We've all done it.) There are a couple more concerts on tap for this year and I plan to attend both of them. It is a great way to introduce children to serious, beautiful music.

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