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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Craftiness and An Accident

    My three daughters and I are creating Christmas wreaths out of fabrics. The different cloths are folded, ironed, gathered and pinned into place. A bow of some kind completes the project. We haven't gotten to the bow yet. So far we are choosing our fabrics out of all the Christmas material in my stash.  Of course we didn't have enough for everybody so on Tuesday last, Audra, her boys and I stopped in at Oklahoma Quilt Works to pick up a few more pieces.

   OK Quiltworks had no electricity that morning, due to the ice storm a few days before.  The boys and I thought it was fabulous to look around with flashlights.  What fun! We did find a few pieces that will work, I think.  I later found some more at Randa's shop and now we are all set.

     When we got back to Audra's house, I started cutting material and she and the boys started decorating their gingerbread house.
      One of the first lessons you learn when you begin quilting is this: PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU ARE USING THE ROLLING CUTTER OR YOU WILL CUT YOUR FINGERS OFF.  Well,  I got distracted and, sure enough, we spent the next hour and a half at the urgent care getting my finger sewed back together. Here we are, the boys decorating and me trying to get the bleeding to stop. Thank god for red towels.
     It was a pretty good cut, deep and long, but clean.  Audra and Rowan decided to go play at the park while the actual finger sewing took place, but Zane wouldn't go. He insisted on coming back with me so I wouldn't be sad or scared.  He was good company, I have to admit.  He chatted with the doc, watched everything without any carrying on and was happy to accept a sticker of a snake when we left.
     We have a lot yet to do on the project, but it should come together pretty quickly. I'll share pics with you when we're done. I hope we can finish before Christmas.


Brenda Cohorn said...

Oh my. I've done that before. Hope you are healed.

manda_hladik said...

Yikes! I had an incident with the rotary cutter a week before school started when I was preparing my classroom...it was a gnarly cut, but thankfully mine didn't need stitches. Here's hoping you're on the mend soon!