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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year, 2016

Happy New Year!

      As you know, if you're following along, I have been without power at the farm for several days.  "They" are saying it should be restored by the middle of next week, if not sooner. It's not a problem since I can stay with any of my kids whenever I need too.
     I am spending New Year's with Abbey and her family.  We had a busy day today, meeting with friends for lunch, visiting a bookstore (grandma's favorite), and ending with a trip to see the new Star Wars movie together. They had all seen it before but wanted to come see it with me.  Here we are with our snazzy 3D glasses.
You can tell they were pretty tired out by this time. I loved the show. Star Wars is entertainment, plain and simple. There is lots of action, good guys versus good guys. The bad guys usually seem to have way better technology than the good guys, but the good guys have 'The Force'. That's all you need to come out on top. Same song, seventh verse, and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all.
     We came home and had little sausages in a biscuit (per tradition) and clinked some glasses together for the countdown party.  You can have your New Year's countdown any time, you know. It's bound to be midnight somewhere on the globe, even if it's only 8:00.
    The kids chose to have a slumber party next to the Christmas tree this year. They each brought a book down and here is the picture of Abbey reading Everett's to him.  After all afternoon in a Star Wars movie and Everett chose a 'Star Wars for kids' little golden book for his book to read. Yes, this household is full of serious Sci-Fi fans.

     While the kiddos giggled and wiggled in their sleeping bags, Brent worked on a lego project, Abbey read her book, and I finished my 'year-round puzzle'. A perfect puzzle to do on New Year's Eve. New tradition, year 1. Thanks for gifting me this one, Audra.

My hopes for the coming year are the same as always. I hope humans can find a way to stop killing each other all the time. I hope we can come to an agreement on how best to change the way we live so the planet can survive.  I wish good health, great opportunities, and good luck to all of us. May we all meet here again next year to ring in another one. Happy New Year, 2016.

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