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Friday, December 11, 2015

Little Elves Help With Bring Christmas To The Farm

As I get older I find that I am not as eager to bring out the Christmas decorations.  Apparently a good deal of the fun is wrapped up in sharing the experience with other people.  I used to love decorating the Christmas tree, seeing all the same ornaments, remembering when they had come to join the happy throng that graced the branches.
       That tree is too big for me to manipulate now.  I am perfectly happy not to have a tree up, if I am being honest. I do have a small tree, the bird tree, that stands in the living room all year round.  It is covered with little birds from all over. Most of the birds are small, no larger than my index finger, but each and every one of them is unique and beautiful, in its own way.  Many have been given to me by friends and family. I love it.
   Last weekend Audra and the boys came up to the farm to 'help grandma decorate her house'.  We found the box of decorations and placed only the most special ones on the tree. Only the small ones that were rich with meaning. I handed them out and the two little boys draped them over the branches.
     Alongside the tree, the snow village stretches around the room now. Windows shine with lights, skaters twirl in the park, the good Father waves in front of the church. The village is full of people, most of whom have been rescued from the trash at Goodwill and given another chance to share life in our quaint little Christmas town.

  Zane and I did some much-needed repairs on the spaceship later that afternoon.  That thing breaks down a lot.  This time out, we discovered the paper sack full of wine bottle corks.  Zane designated it "space food".  Some of the corks also serve double duty as treasure maps.  They come with numbers parading along their sides.  If these numbers are entered into the ship's computer, they take us to other places, planets and times. This spaceship is quite a bit like the TARDIS, as it turns out.

 (By the way, that is his laser sword he is holding. Do not confuse it with an ordinary hand saw.)

     Zane brought me a little brown bug and we put it into a tiny jar for observation.  Rowan decided to carry that little jar around for the rest of the afternoon, for some unknown reason. Probably because it was exactly the size to fit in his little boy hand.
     There was also quite a bit of swinging on the tire swing for these two, complete with tons of "falling in", as they call it.
     If my poor footsies hadn't been screaming from four days working at the shop, I would have been more up for fun and games.  As it was, however, I did a lot of watching from the porch swing. That day had been forecasted as being in the 70s. Wrong.  That 70s day came two days later and was gorgeous.
     The day of the visit called for heavy jackets and caps and we still had to stop and come inside for warm cocoa a couple of times.  We assessed the damage from the ice storm and managed to manhandle one large branch off the railing of the tree house, thus freeing the rope and bucket. Success!  We bucketed a couple of hammers up top and hammered on a few random nails we found sticking out. Safety First is our motto.
       In other news: all those frogs we kept seeing around the place have found their way to the little fountain pond and are happy as clams in there. They jump out and sit sunning on the flat rocks and then make flying leaps back into the water when I approach.  I am so happy to have them wintering over with me.

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ishmael said...

Hi again from England...

We loved the picture of the boy & the jar..... brilliant !! A real "Hey look what I've got" type of 'photo !!

Happy Christmas !!

Ian & family