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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Winter Storm, Part 2

Ta Da! All three of us sat and worked on this one for awhile this afternoon.  By evening, the lights were going on and off with some regularity. We found and lit the lamps but have now blown most of them out again, as it appears the electricity is going to stay on for awhile.
      No more big ice and just a smidgeon of snow.  The north wind is howling, but we just stayed inside most of the time. We had a couple of old movies to watch and books at hand. There is supposed to be another big wave of snow/ice coming through this evening. We'll see.
    We made a big pot of stew and some banana nut bread this afternoon. That should keep us in good eats for a week. Here are Able (in my hat and being silly) and Kari heading out for the trash run, 'braving the elements' as it were.

     We woke up Monday morning to no electricity. My stove is gas and the water is rural water lines so we were really fine. But it would no doubt stay off quite a while, since we could see the electric lines bouncing up and down in the wind. I'm sure the poles have snapped by now.
     All of us loaded up in Able's car and headed for the city. It was slow going. We made it just fine and I got to spend the afternoon at the Korenaks, seeing all their Christmas goodies, playing legos and watching both boys whiz around on their new scooters.  Later we all went over to Abbey's to have beans and cornbread with the Richards clan. Able did get the shop open a little while but it was just too icy for much business. I'm surprised he opened at all, really.   I hear that the roads are fine today so people will wander in, I hope.
       As the sun was going down last evening, the light hitting the tops of ice-covered trees made them look as if they were on fire.  Amazing things all around.
 P.S.  We woke up this morning early, thanks to a 4.3 earthquake whose epicenter was about five miles from Abbey's house. They just get bigger and bigger.  This is not normal.

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