"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Winter Weather

Things have taken a turn.
"In the bleak mid-winter,
frosty wind made moan.
Earth stood hard as iron,
water like a stone."

Yes, that: cold rain, sleet, snow, biting cold. All of it.
It is now officially Winter so no complaining. Remember, we need seasons. The wheat needs the cold to mature properly.  If it were always late spring, we would surely become bored. Wouldn't we?? Okay, maybe not, but it would be much less interesting.

    Farmers in their pickups, with round bales on the spikes, went whizzing around yesterday, getting hay set out for the cattle before the storms hit.  Now it becomes obvious why we have let those Red Cedars grow so tall in the fence row, putting up with nasty comments from nosey neighbors about laziness on our part. No, we were looking ahead to this biting wind, snow blowing sideways out of the north and temps at 22 degrees. Our cattle now have a warm place to stand, out of the gale and close to the water. So there. Judge not.

       Able and Kari are here at the farm with me. I'm so excited to have company during an ice storm. It's so much better in every way. We spent the morning watching some The Great British Baking Show. The cooking shows are so much more civilized across the pond than they are here. In the good old U.S. of A there is intense pressure, demeaning comments, tears, and humiliations galore. In England there are civil comments, quiet acceptances and hugs all around. How did we stray so far from the road of good manners. Deary me, something must be done. I hope we can find our way back.
      After lunch, Kari went into the music room to exercise. Abe took a nap. I decided to start in on the Origami Nativity that was gifted to me by Audie and her boys.  I consider myself to be a really good intermediate folder. I used to have origami club every year at school for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. I love to fold origami. It relaxes me, for some reason.
    That being said, I may as well tell you that the nativity scene is kicking my ****. Human figures have never been my forte, especially ones in long flowing robes. Sheesh. The baby Jesus was a complete disaster and got tossed.  The manger turned out fine. Mary is...well, you can tell it's supposed to be Mary and she does stand up. One of her hands is reaching out toward the empty manger. (I put the poor crippled baby figure into the manger for this shot. It looks like a dead seagull.) I can only assume the other one is cradling her still large belly. I guess Jesus is coming a little late this year. It happens.  In my defense, the instructions are not clear about some things. Excuses, excuses.
      I didn't have the heart to start on another figure, so Joseph will have to wait. I started on the donkey. What could possibly happen? I have folded donkeys many times before. Not today.  The instructions tend to skip over some very useful markings now and then such as the circular "turn it over" mark.  The diagrams also have weird colorings instead of what is actually printed on the paper in front of me.  Bless us and save us.  
     As I told my kids: I think I will stop for awhile and work on the Christmas puzzle. Isn't it time for another cup of tea? I think so. Literal tea...in a cup. I wish I had never seen that video. Thanks a lot, Audra. Or maybe I'll have hot chocolate from my Christmas gift to myself, this jolly snowman. LOVE IT. I'm off to puzzle. TTFN



Audra said...

Momy let's be very clear, you showed me the tea video. I think Able must have shown you or maybe you found that gem all on your own :)

Kathryn said...

A friend of mine told me about The Great British Baking Show - it sounds delightful and I intend to watch it sometime. I can't watch the American competitive shows at all. Just can't stand people being mean to each other.