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Monday, January 4, 2016

An update, Brrr

Good News! We have electricity again at the farm. This time we were on the lamp for only ten days. I call that progress.  After spending a week in The City, I was ready for some quiet time on the patio with the cats. They seemed to feel the same way. 
    At some point in the past week I was gifted, unintentionally I'm sure, with a significant head cold. I am doing all the right things for it. Today is beautifully sunny and I plan on spending some time outside, soaking up the sunlight. Yes, I will wear my flannel shirt. (Isn't it interesting how we continue to hear our mother's voices long after they have gone from us.)
        Tomorrow I go in for my MRI/MRA, to see if everything is okay in my head.  ( That is not having to do with the head cold but the lapse in memory a couple of weeks ago.) Here's hoping. The waiting is stressful, the not knowing anything. I am signing up at the Y tomorrow while I am in town. Point taken.
   I finished Wallace Stegner's, Crossing To Safety, this morning. It is the story of a lifelong friendship between two couples.  The story is beautifully written; having all the meat and none of the fat. After I finish the book club book I will turn around and read this one again, or another of his works, to study how he manages the light and shadow so deftly. Amazing.
   My little snow village is still up and lit.  I imagine tiny people going about their everyday lives in there, smiling, turning a head in answer to a friend's greeting, stomping out through the snow to retrieve the mail.  An exercise in imagination. Also, my grandkids have not yet made it up to the farm for their 'farm Christmas' as we call it.  They like the little town and its inhabitants. At this moment, the world outside is muddy as all getout and many of us are 'coughing around the fire'. We'll see how things look when we get closer to the weekend. 
      I popped into the spice shop Saturday and Sunday, for just a couple hours.  I love getting to interact with the customers there.  I am officially off the schedule but can drop in whenever I want to, to help out in the peak times of any day.  We have a new employee whom we are training in all the aspects of the shop and retail selling in general.  It's interesting the things we have so quickly come to take for granted, things he must be taught because he has never worked retail before. He is a willing learner and quick to jump in. 
     Time for something for my stuffy head and then off to bed for a quick nap. Take Care. Jingle and Jangle, wishing you a Happy New Year.


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