"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ten on Thursday: 1/14/16

1.  I'm missing the shop.  Yes, I needed to stay home and rest, read and relax, and I have.  It has been too cold to be outside much, but I have ventured out some every day. But I am missing the human interaction that I have at the spice shop. I'll pop in on Saturday afternoon and get a shot of 'human', my favorite drug....next to sugar. I know, I know.  I have managed to get off Pepsi, one of my other addictions. Now it tastes like chemicals. Yay!!!

2.  Traveled to Ponca City the other day to visit a lovely little book/gift shop with friends.  What fun! I picked up a copy of Hamilton, the biography that lead to the creation of the current Broadway musical of the same name, which is breaking all kinds of records. I am hooked on the songs, thanks to my Abbey.

3.  MRI was clear. No more memory lapses of late.  I have designated a 'spot' for my keys and they reside there or in the purse. Period.  I have signed up at the YMCA and am heading west today to pick up my suit and shorts from the cabin on the lake.

4.  Yesterday I went for a long walk in the woods along the creek. The beavers are back. Drat. They and the floods of last spring have down several trees.  I need to wrap the Grandfather Cottonwoods with wire, as I did in my yard, because I see the beavers have actually gnawed through the outer bark of one of them. Two others have fallen, due to age and rot, not beavers.  I need to borrow a four wheeler to get the wire down there....(to do list).

5.  The widows group continues to meet once a month and this is a rough three months, right here in the darkest part of the winter. Lots of anniversaries are happening. I have invited an old friend to join us next time. I had lost contact with her and rediscovered her, only to find that she too is now alone. Mysterious ways indeed.

6.  I ventured too near the edge of the genealogy research swirl and got sucked inside, this week.  I did manage to make a couple of discoveries and traced one branch clear back to 1550, thanks to the hard work of others on the web. William Bennett of Sedgley, Stafforshire, England, born 1556. They came across the pond in 1635, landing in Weymouth, MA.  Now, if I can only chase those four Blakely brothers onto the ship and shore from whence they came, I'll have it made.  Then it will be time for another trip to merry olde England, to wander churches and graveyards.  I may as well add the Binghams, Nichols, Meltons and Crisswells to the list and see the whole family.

7.  Now that I'm used to the ramp and gardens in front of the house, I find that they make me very, very happy.

8.  This is my new lighted tree. Have I shown you this already? I love it. During Christmas it was hung with a few white, glass ornaments....reindeer, snowmen, tall thin santas and tall women holding small birds; simple and elegant.  Now it will stand unadorned, giving a very soft light to the music room; perfect for evening conversation or quiet piano music.

9.  Yesterday I took down and put away the snow village and the nativity.  The golden angels are gone from the high shelf, and the marble and game piece collections are back on display along with some very cute felt, winter birds in stocking caps. Thanks, Able and Kari, for mounting my TV on the wall. My oak table looks very nice without it.  I actually have the small wooden ornament tree yet to go. Since it is out of sight, it is also out of mind.

10.  My darling little purple Violas have continued to bloom all winter, despite the near zero temps.  How in the world do they do that?  It will soon be time for spring bulbs to push up through the mulch and I can't wait to see how the front terraces look when the tulips and daffodils we planted begin to emerge. We planted in clumps and I am hoping they will look like these at Hafer Park in Edmond. Look closely and you will see Jingleboy in this cute shot.

 The Pumpkins are "going back to the earth" out there now, slumped into themselves in wrinkled, orange heaps.  I will dig them in a bit and hope they turn into vines this summer. It could happen...or not.  They might be a great ground cover and then surprise us with pumpkins for Halloween next Fall.  That's me, being optimistic.

That's the news from Pleasant Valley. Thought for the day:
    Everything is constantly evolving. To try to reclaim past methods is irrational thinking. Look ahead to what could be.

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