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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter Ramblings

      I know, I haven't blogged for a week. Everything is fine. I was home at the farm for days, trying to organize my random genealogy notes and notebooks (just the Blakley and Bennett lines), checking on dates and names.  It was too cold outside to do anything there, so perfect for research into the past.  There is a snag in the line of ancestry on one branch only; the Blakley line, of course.  All the others fall into place beautifully. The Bennetts are lined up all the way back to the 1500s. But Robert Blakely (the correct spelling until the middle 1800s) is presenting a bit of a problem.  That's an understatement. It is
more like a brick wall. But I'm not giving up. I'm planning a trip to Ohio this Spring to finally chase down some documents with the answers (I hope). As it turns out, not everything is on the internet yet.
     I've finished a couple of books and am now into Hamilton, by Ron Chernow, the book on which the Broadway musical of the same name is based.  I am also thoroughly addicted to the soundtrack, oddly, because I never cared much for rap and this musical is definitely Hip-Hop with lots of rap. But it's actual history and a fascinating story. I can't get it out of my head. "WORK!"
     Guess what! The earliest bulbs are up and reaching for the sun; Sunny Twinkles and Crocus. I want to cover them with leaves and whisper, "No, no, not yet, my dears." I noticed the new growth as Maggie and I checked on the Fairy garden in her front yard, to see how it was faring.  There are probably some new shoots in my gardens as well, but I haven't checked.  The winter gardens depress me and....IT'S TOO DANG COLD. I can hear my friend in Minnesota laughing out loud at that one.  Someone told me it was -3 degrees there the other day. (Truth be told, it was probably colder than that.) She told me she loves the cold weather, or she used to. I suppose that's why she lives up there...or it could be the proximity to the Great Lakes. Yeah, that's it.
      The campaign for deciding the next President is well under way...and ridiculous. I have stopped listening to all their hoo-rah, mud slinging and pettiness. I refuse to listen to or look at he-shall-not-be-named. Enough about Hillary's emails. Really? The Republicans need a candidate people can and might vote for but, so far it isn't looking good, to me.  And another thing: We need to have all the primaries on the same day so New Hampshire and Iowa don't get to elect the candidates while the rest of us sit on our hands. That is so absurd.
      Breath in......breath out. Repeat.
I liked this, from the SOU last week: B. Ob

I'll be right back. **********************

Today I was blessed to spend much of the day with my kids and theirs. Great fun. Also, in news, Able, Kari and I attended the 91st birthday celebration for Fr. Leven. It was good to hug him again and hear his laughter. What an amazing person, and what an adventurous life he has led. I am proud and blessed to have known and loved him for so long.

I also came upon this wonderful poem today and am sharing.

"Newton, in his rational passion,
Spinning star-struck
From his meeting with Eve's apple,
Invested everything with the dignity
Of numbers.

Playing on the shores of fathomless oceans,
Riding on the shoulders of giants,
He called the force that binds the universe
In its energetic dance
"The Force of Gravity".

But in his seriousness, he forgot
That even clothed in numbers
And the shining certainties of thought,
The attraction of all things
For one another and themselves
Is another metaphor of love."

(This poem first appeared in INWARD LIGHT---
   The friends' Jouirnal of psychology and Religion. Winter, 1976-1977)

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