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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Week At The Farm

This week I have been blessed to have Audra and Zach's little boys at the farm with me. I was nervous, because I thought they would be missing their folks so much they would be miserable. There have been a few moments (usually following an accident or at bedtime) when there were a few tears....oh, and any time a cat randomly walked past Rowan.  But, as for the cat thing, Rowan did sit and pat the cat this afternoon for a few minutes with Zane. That's progress.  It seems like it's the female cat that bothers him the most.

    We usually play pirates a lot, while they are here. This time the ship was the USS HOGWARTS with Harry Potter as the captain. We had many lessons from our spell books while Rowan counted out the treasure and read his cards. We also practiced speaking 'snake'. It turns out that 'snake', as a language, is very difficult for pandas to master for some reason.  They did finally earn their badges but only because the captain was in a good mood that day. The brown bears passed with flying colors. That is the entire class in the picture.  The Queen of France, Mary, Jesus, God and Vernie were excused because 1. TQOF already speaks Snake; 2. Jesus and God invented not only the language but snakes themselves so.....3.  Vernie is scared spitless of snakes, so he and Beardie took a tour of the music room during class time. 4.  Mary didn't feel like attending. Mary can do whatever she wants to. Because.
     The largest Panda fell into a depression following this class, for some reason. She had to be taken back to 'China' (aka the toy box) for fifteen minutes or so, to visit family. I was not aware of a problem but Zane picked up on it.
We had music time, of course. This time around it was all the oldie but goodie favorites for Valentines Day.  Zane and I had some one on one time concerning how to get something other than a scream out of the recorder.  I haven't heard a lot of progress but he is working on it. At least he is keeping the octave hole covered now.
      Z also rode his bike up and down the oil well road and around the loop that leads through the driveway most of one morning.  He is inspired to ride, now that his training wheels are off. Yes, he always wears his helmet. He is a safety expert.  Rowan rode his little scooter and the tricyles around on the porch and down the ramp. I'm usually scared to death he is going to smash into the rocks at the bottom of the ramp, but he is great at steering around obstacles and hasn't crashed yet. (KOW)

      We did a little yard work today and hauled some old bricks down to the waterway. I finally got the weed patch burned and today we hauled the coals and ash to a place for the gardens. Shovels all around and a large and small wheelbarrow. After that, they swept out the treehouse and we sat around up there catching up on the gossip....and arguing about who got to sit in which chair. Sigh. We filled the bird feeders for the final time this year.  I'm out of seed and am not buying any more. Good luck guys.
     I guess the biggest treat was taking trips down into the woods. We rode on the riding mower down the road to south of the oil location and then simply walked into the woods from the south end. This is so much easier than trying to beat our way through all the Johnson Grass from the north. The boys slid down the sand bank and wandered up and down the beach, picking up rocks, tossing sticks and rocks into the creek, wishing they could walk across to the larger island. Yes, as you can see, Z wore the HP glasses all day long yesterday.  They don't have any glass in them and he thinks he looks exactly like HP in them. Okay.
We managed to leave a jacket down there yesterday and went back late this afternoon to retrieve it.  We wore wet boots this time so there was wading and a good wander in the woods again.

This was not at the creek, but it is so cute I had to include it. This is Ro after the first successful throw of a rock into the creek. We were under the bridge, tossing and rolling rocks into the water.  I kept having flashbacks of Audra falling off the bridge foundation years ago, doing this exact same thing. No one fell in this time. Not even close.
      I finally got my second wind today and convinced them they could play and run around without me joining them. I sat and watched and stomped out fires now and then, but they did they own playing. I am much better this evening than last night. I am sleeping in my own bed tonight instead of right next door to them, where I wake up every time one of them makes a sound. They're fine. I need to sleep all night.
    The other fun thing we did today was to make chocolate chip cookies. It boggles my mind how much of a mess two little boys can make while baking cookies. Unbelievable. Oh well. They enjoyed themselves and the cookies were great. We had the tiny chips.

Things I've learned this week. (I used to know these, but time has erased them from my mind.)

1. Nearly 3 year olds can not be trusted with big-boy cups. EVER.
2.  When they nap, I need to nap. There will be time for reading for pleasure next week.
3.  It is not necessary for the house to be cleaned up at the end of the day.
4.  Keep tossing loads of laundry in all day long.
5.  They can get their own drinks, clean up their messes, find their own shoes and jackets. Let them.
6.  Bedtime comes earlier some nights.  It will be obvious.
7. Be sure they are looking at you when you say something. If they aren't, they aren't hearing you.

Here are a couple of old cowboys, riding into the sunset.  (Watching the sunset has been a big thing this week. Both boys are quite the fans of all the color. Sunrises also seem to be on the favorites list.


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Nutmegger said...

I laughed out loud about the mess while cooking. Alex is my chef but man the messes are epic. He is making progress on the cleaning. But I am glad I have let him trash the kitchen a thousand times over. He can cook pretty much anything now and many days will demand to cook dinner. Something I am over joyed not to do. No one said talent development was a tidy thing. The others are also fighting into the kitchen these days so more messes are on the horizon. It is sure nice of you to watch the boys. They are so lucky to have you!! Love you Erica