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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday Evening Update

     Oh gosh, where to begin.  Those of you who have been following this blog might be asking yourselves: What has happened to this woman? She is off the rails and very inconsistent these days. I know, first no posts and then only weird angsty poems and then nothing. Here is the story.
      Last week was the week for Abbey to be gone to D.C. This is not a new thing. She does that four or five weeks out of the year. On Monday, I met a friend in OKC and we spent the middle part of the day in the library of the Oklahoma History Museum, leafing through books, doing genealogy research. I also worked at the shop for a tiny bit and shared supper with Audie and hers.
     Tuesday I watched kids some more, flew back down the road to Enid and the Widow's Group supper.  It was a good get together. This has been a tough month for several of the women. Winter is difficult....well, even more difficult than the sunny months.
    Wednesday I had to myself. I rested and continued my self-prescribed regimen of two or three chapters of the book, Hamilton, every day. I feel like I've been reading forever and am only halfway through. This is not a fluff book. Onward and upward. Thursday was my day pick the little kids up after school, watch them until their parents came home and fix supper.
    Apparently it was also my day to fall off the edge of sanity into a pit of self-pity and despair about....who knows. Thank you, Christal, for being there and willing to throw me a rope of good words. I didn't see it coming. It happens.
    Friday was another pick up the kids day. We came to Abbey's after school and played some serious Harry Potter plus a quick game of Kid's Apples to Apples (a board game).  Supper of Mac'n Cheese, Oranges and Sausage, a quick game of broom and lighted ball Quidich and weeping and wailing on the part of Zaney boy when it was time to leave.
    Saturday I was supposed to pick up my sister at the airport at noon. Her flight was canceled, so I drove home to deliver some spices to Martha, read my book, fed the cats, vacuumed the floor, fell in bed. Oh, also, a friend came out to get a particular book and we had a wonderful chat on the porch swing while I soaked up some much-needed sunshine. Next morning it was back to the City to work at the shop all day and pick Ann up at 6:15 at the airport. We headed northwest while I introduced her to the sound track from the musical Hamilton (to which I am addicted).
I missed the turn off to El Reno and home because I was belting "I am not throwing away my shot!"and feeling very patriotic. Oh well.
Luckily for us, there was another place to turn back north. I we had kept driving west, we would have ended up in Amarillo.
       We drove on, turned north and drove through the dark toward Watonga, Hitchcock and Okeene, America. At one point we stopped the car and stood out under the blazing stars, soaking in their beauty. The stars have been amazingly clear lately in these cold nights.  Dad was tickled to see us and Scott was there as well. It was his birthday so we sang the song. We caught the final ten minutes of the Super Bowl, which was the good part. Hooray for the Broncos!
    I have been there, at Dad's, for the past two days. We visit and cook, look through old pictures, shell pecans, watch movies and read the WSJ and the New Yorker. The pace is slow and we enjoy each other's company. Dad and I drink a lot of green tea. We also enjoyed the antics of the small birds fighting for the Thistle seed in Dad's hanging feeder outside the kitchen window. There is no internet access at Dad's, so I have been unplugged.
     The only other development is that I walked into Barnes and Noble the other day and had a visit with the Nook guy.  Samsung has purchased the Nook side of the bookstore and I can trade my old Nook in for a brand new Samsung tablet/reader and get $50 dollars for the old one....that won't hold a charge anymore. Hooray!
     Tomorrow morning early, I go in for allergy testing. We'll see what we discover. I haven't been able to take any analgesics for a week, in preparation for these test. I hurt all over, all day long. Can't wait until I can get some Aleve back into my system.
   That's the news. I'm off to beddy-bye.

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