"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Friday, February 5, 2016


     Sometimes a random word will pop into my head in the midst of some completely unrelated activity.
The word speaks itself in my mind and I usually immediately say it out loud, or I do the thing it suggests. I call these "nudges" and it is to my detriment if I ignore them.
      Yesternight I was reading aloud to M and her brothers; a book about a princess and magic unicorns. Yes, it was Maggie's choice, because #1) Brendan didn't want to hear any of the Beatrix Potter stories, or Winnie the Pooh and the Heffalump, and #2) we couldn't read Harry Potter because I can't do the voices as well as their dad. (True)  I began to insert little teaching moments here and there (like I do) and let B give one of his own about the unicorns in the Harry Potter books.  It's important to get the mythology nailed down so you can discuss it with authority, if the occasion should ever arise. (I'm sure you know that if you have unicorn blood and the sorcerer's stone you can be immortal, or at least that is what Brendan said) and if you don't know, now you know...
     When I was reading aloud, I was apparently taking shallow breaths and therefore, before long, I began to yawn, and yawn and yawn.  Brendan had to take a turn now and then so I could take a few deep breaths before going on.  (I'm coming back to the nudges)....Suddenly the word Waffle came into my head.  I said it out loud, Waffles, and kept reading.  The kids shot each other the "what just happened to grandma?" looks, but didn't say anything.  I said it again. Waffles. I asked them if they thought the house smelled like waffles. Uh.... no?
   We continued with the book. In this book, on a Royal's eighth birthday they have an aura and are paired with a unicorn who is their companion for the rest of their lives.  This, of course, led to a discussion of auras, art, halos as representations of auras, icons versus statues and other such stuff.  Waffles. We passed bed time and kept reading.  Waffles...I've gotta have some waffles! Needless to say, by the time we had finished the chapter, we were all dying for waffles.
     So...we dug out the waffle iron, stirred up some batter (eyeballing it). Maggie told me several times where the measuring spoons and cups were. Not necessary, my dear. We were doing this the old-fashioned way.  Brendan suggested we throw in some chocolate chips and said, " Half a cup?" I gave him a sideways glance and he threw in a couple of handfuls. That's my boy. We found some butter and some maple syrup, cooked the waffles up, nice and brown and...wait for it....ate them with our fingers, butter and syrup drip, dripping onto the plates. YES! They were the most delicious waffles in the history of mankind.
      We cleaned up all the stickiness, brushed our teeth AGAIN (they had never heard of brushing your teeth twice in one night OR eating after you had already brushed your teeth the first time). I think they need more three on one time with their grandma.
        Yes, Grandma is a treasure-trove of bad habits and a terrific example of living within the wonderous light of SPONTANEITY.  Why not? I mean really, life is short. Eat waffles now and then. Dance in the rain. Spontaneously dance with a stranger, when a beautiful song comes over the sound system. Go skinny-dippin'.

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