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Monday, March 7, 2016

Birthdays All Around

  The first two months (and a day) of the year are packed with birthdays in our family. This is a picture of my three beautiful daughters, out to lunch with Abbey, the birthday girl.  Yes, if you noticed the stickers, it was Super Tuesday and they had already voted. I left soon after lunch (and ice cream :) and drove up the road so I could vote in the little church across the road from my farm. I think I threw away my vote, but hey.
     Just days before, we had gathered at Audra's to celebrate little Rowan's 3rd birthday with the fam, including Grammie and Papa from Missouri. It was a great time, the theme was construction equipment, and I wish I had a picture of the cake to show you. Wow. Toy construction vehicles doing all kinds of work on the top of the cake. Very creative, Audra. Loved it. We also got to 'construct' our salads and hamburgers, Bugles "construction cones", chocolate donuts "tires", and a dump truck dumping chips into the chip bowl.

       Here they are breaking the pinata. That's the birthday boy in the cape, whacking the pinata box.   He eventually tried jumping on it. All the kids had several turns, so everyone was happy. Also, in good news, no one got hit with the bat, which is always a win. (My question is: why did capes ever go out of style? They are so incredibly fun to wear. I blame the fashion industry who gets to call all the shots on what people wear. If you'll notice, they keep trying to come back: hippie shawls in the 60s, the pancho in the seventies, the pashmina in the 2000s ....which transformed into eternity scarves ten years later.  I am pulling for the full-length cape to make a comeback, now that Star Wars has made another beginning. Why should the superheroes get to have all the fun?)

    Of course, there were presents and hard hats all around at the party for Rowan. In this picture, he is unwrapping the puppet show that sets up in a doorway. Lots of fun. We did have a puppet show later in the evening and it was scarily like the old Punch and Judy show. Lots of yelling and puppets on sticks, hitting each other. Hilarious.
     The weathermen all but promised us rain today. Not so much. There was drizzle and wind and gray skies, but that was all. Wait for it...wait for it...I think if we could get half an inch or so of real live rain, the spring bulbs and plants would practically jump out of the ground.


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