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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bluebird Saturday

Saturday was glorious; a Bluebird Day if there ever was one.

     The raised beds were cleared and readied for planting (lots of goodie in there this year). I spent some quality time in the hammock, reading a book written by a distant cousin of mine. I laughed out loud all the way through it and enjoyed a few delicious Girl Scout Cookies as well.  Good times all around.  The peach tree is in full bloom, as is the younger of the two Quince bushes. The Quince was alive with honey bees today, buzzing as I walked past. That is a sound I love, having had bees for many years in the past.  Those little guys were ready for some new nectar and fresh pollen. PARTY!
    I also started bucketing out the pond; the spring cleanout.  I need to invest in a sump pump next year because that bucket stuff is ridiculous. Sheesh. I got it down to the mucky stuff and thought I should wait awhile to finish and soon after, my friend Cristy came wandering over for a chat and she helped me with the final few bucketfuls. She is fifteen years younger than I am and was happy to help, I think.  Anyway, we had a nice visit and, after she left, I placed a couple of smallish, flat rocks up to the edge of the pond, while it filled.  I wasn't lifting anything of any weight. As a matter of fact I was kneeling down to place a pot of lilies back into the pond, and felt a stab of pain at the top front of my leg. It hurt, so I went inside and iced it for awhile and took some analgesic. We'll see how it feels tomorrow. I hope it's nothing serious because I have some serious step climbing next month to look forward to. (There is no elevator in the Will Rogers Theatre. )

     There were several frogs giving me the eye-above-the-water look all day as I emptied the water out.  I hope they come back, now that the water is cleaner and the plants are back.  Tomorrow I'll transfer the two remaining fish back to their old home. I really need to 'hit a bait shop' and pick up a few more fish. Then all I have to do is reset the pump and fire it up. I can't wait.  The insects were zipping around today; an assassin beetle, a soldier beetle and lots of ladybugs...and the bees of course.  A Red-tailed Hawk was gliding in circles above the patio, riding the thermals round and round. I love to watch the hawks; they are so beautiful. I would like to be able to soar like that, so far above the earth, in the clear blue of a Spring afternoon.  (I know, he was not enjoying the day. He was hunting; scanning the ground for some nice plumb baby rabbit to grab for supper. I am choosing not the think about that. Death on wide wings, and all that.) I'm staying with the peaceful, contented vibe right at the moment.

(The next day)

     The leg is much better today. Another bullet dodged, I hope.  During the night that 'gorgeous' that was hanging around yesterday skedaddled for the high country and left the door open for our best of friends TBW. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! 25 gusting to 35 mph was the wind speed here all day long.
I went out in the morning anyway. (YOU WILL NOT WIN, TBW!) The fish were delighted to be back in their old home again. I went into the garage to look for a drill, so I could fix one of the wind chimes that had broken.
      That was the trigger, and let me say right now that the windchime remains in pieces.
While I was in there I decided to sweep the garage out and throw some stuff away. I put all the feeders together, all the chicken stuff together, threw out an old CD player and some three-year-old turkey frying grease; poured kitty litter over the spot where the lawn mower leaks oil; hung up all the loose wrenches and put the blade cover back on the chainsaw. I started up the mower and drove around for a bit, letting all the loose grass blow off of it while I nipped off the tops of the Mountain Verbena that is blooming purple here and there. I dragged a pallet outside and added it to the spaceship and took the two good folding chairs back to the house. (We have not so good folding chairs that will work just fine for sitting around in the garage, getting out of the rain....if we ever have rain again.
     I also brought the box full of kid's shoes up to the porch and hid it under the bench and then got out the hose and washed off the entire porch and front walls. Once I got to the north end I discovered that I also needed to dump the entire sandbox and spray the sand off the porch due to the fact that the lid had been left off and the cats had decided to use it as their potty. Yes, the bloodstains and mouse guts were also washed/scraped off the porch and washed over the edge as well. It's been a while.
     The hose has developed a little pin-hole leak not far behind the head and, since apparently the county water people have turned up the pressure to firehose strength, the water fires out of there like the devil on ice-skates. Needless to say, by the time everything was clean, I was soaking wet, but happy. It's so nice to get some things accomplished outside without freezing one's rear off.
     I'm staring out the window at the Loblolly Pine in the windbreak. It is yellowing, significantly. Come on rain! Just one good soaking would do it. We're ready for ya. Let 'er rip.

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