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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bread Crumbs from Me to You

 Captain's Log, star-date 2016. 3. 22:
      Three little words for you.
(sweet Jesus, have mercy upon us).
      Broken wood out of the trees is everywhere. Guess I'll be getting my exercise picking them up.  I bought some herbs to plant in the front area, hardy girls who won't mind the poor soil. I have them tucked underneath the lilacs and even so, their leaves are flapping this way and that. We had wildfires all over the state yesterday. Last night, when I stepped out to say goodnight to the moon and stars, the air smelled of smoke.
  Oh! A Bluebird just flew into the tree in front of the house, all alone. I have nothing to put out for him, of course. He's a big one. There are some bluebird houses up so at least he could find a little shelter for today, assuming he doesn't want to set up housekeeping here on the bald prairie. I can hear him at the feeders, calling. I'll at least go out with some bread crumbs, surely he won't turn up his little beak at that. ? Be right back.
    Okay. Bread chunks, not crumbs, so they wouldn't blow away.
     I have completely stopped listening to the presidential election bits on the news.  Everyone I know is completely sick of them. Why do we need to have campaigns for two solid years? Why doesn't every state vote their primaries on the same day? Why can't we all just get along? These are the questions which plague the mind.

      Saw the movie Contact again last evening, while the wind roared round the corners of the house and the wind chimes sang. Thankfully there were no earthquakes and it is a bit early for tornadoes. That would be the big winner ticket, wouldn't it: some afternoon with a few tornadoes, an earthquake or two or three, and the state covered with wildfires due to the lack of rain in forever.  Wait for it...wait for it... I'll let you know.

     I heard Oklahoma City is cutting 208 classroom teacher positions for next year.  Last year they couldn't get anyone to come and teach, to fill their hundreds of vacancies, because they refuse to pay their teachers a livable wage and then treat them like third class citizens, so they imported a bunch of teachers (WHAT?!) from Puerto Rico to teach. (Aside: most teachers here speak Spanish as a second language now, so that wasn't the issue. It was money.) Earlier this Spring the legislature dangled a juicy $3000 raise in front of the teachers, right before coming out with the announcement that the state was billions of dollars in the red and cuts would be needed in every agency...again. Too bad teachers, they did so want to give you a boost. Right. Anyone who believes that go stand on your head.
    The most organized, compassionate and forward thinking bunch in this state are the many nations of Native Americans.  If the legislature keeps up these sheenanigans we will turn them out on their ears and turn the whole shebang back over to the Indians. I personally think they would do a much better job. Of course, they are their own sovereign nations so they probably wouldn't even take us on a dare.

      (Taking a breath)

     April is right around the corner. You know what that means:
"AL-- EX--AN--D
ER--we-are --meant to be
a colony that runs independently. .."

Hamilton in a month, in NYC.  I am beyond excited.
We 'arranged the menu, the venue, the seating' and are ready to roll.
All I have to do now is pay my taxes and I am OUT and headed up to New York!

    Where was I? Oh yes, Contact (the movie).  This is a story about making contact with life in other parts of the universe. No creepy, wispy aliens with no lips or clothes, no, this one was deeper than that.  The military was not called on to blow all the research up, just to be safe (although they threatened to take control of it). Good people with good motives and good people with bad motives wrestled with what to do to keep the world safe while still exploring the possibilities of life beyond our own fragile planet's borders. I liked it.
Call me naive and a dreamer if you will. I'll take that.  I have a spot right here on my arm where that patch fits perfectly, in fact.
     Immediately prior to watching Contact, I watched Enemy of the State, which is the polar opposite, so I didn't go into the show with blinders on. (I love to watch Gene Hackman in anything) As the heroine in Contact said, "If there was no other intelligent life in all the billions and billions of galaxies in the known universe, that would be an awful waste of space wouldn't it."
      Human life has been here on the planet for such a tiny slice of time (in the grand scheme of time), it is to be expected that we would not have reached our full potential yet.  I hope we can figure out some way to live together in peace, watching out for and taking care of each other, before we accidentally on purpose blow ourselves up.
Yep, that's the hope. Sometimes it looks more doable than others.
     I'm off to town to get a few supplies and some baby chicks. (YES)


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