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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Odds and Ends

There she is, pretty as a picture in frothy pink, with fringe on her skirt. This tree was alive with honey bees when I took this shot. I am incredulous that none of them made it into the picture. I can almost taste the peaches now, can't you?
       Today I dug out the seed stash and shuffled through the packets, leaving the corn, okra, winter squash, green beans and flowers in the jar. I set out Peas (YES! I actually have a large packet of Wandos, which are the best for around here), spinach, lettuces, beets, carrots and I have the onion sets on the counter in the kitchen. I'll get some potatoes when I'm in town, so the kids can plant some this weekend when they are here.  I'll need to keep an eye open for those sweet little tomato plants that come up from seed, and not tear them out with the weeds. I know, it's way too early for them to be up, but it never hurts to be diligent. I am not buying a single tomato plant this year; first time in forever.
I'm not planting any broccoli or cauliflower this spring because the deer think they are the cat's pajamas and eat them right up. Boom. They sell them at the store, as it turns out.
This is not a set-up shot. Audra sent me this picture of her little tree hugger, knowing I would be so happy to see it.  Every boy needs a tree to love on, climb in and talk to.

Here is another interesting shot, just for the heck of it.  It was an accident, taken as I was putting my camera back into my pocket. Look at all the different angles in this thing. Amazing. It kind of makes your brain do some funny things, trying to get it to straighten up. Ha. Actually, if I look at if for long enough I begin to get nauseated. (So, why did I think this was blog-worthy? Oh, you know, just chatting on a dreary day, as the sun slips past the horizon. )

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