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Friday, March 4, 2016

Turning the Corner, I hope

Two days ago I rolled out of the driveway and headed for the City and work. The yard was still dressed in winter-drab. This evening I came home, stepped out the back door and, VOILA!. The peach tree was in full bloom and daffodils nodded their golden heads in the leaf-blanketed gardens. Spring sneaked in while I had my back turned. The trickster! Some of the Redbud trees are even beginning to bloom and in OKC the Bradford Pears were white with blossoms.

I had a nice visit with my sister and two of my brothers recently. That was especially nice. We didn't do any singing but we did stand out and admire the stars a bit. It's
six of one...

     We have had nothing but wind, wind and more wind for a week. TBW has been huffing and puffing. You would think we would have earned a splash or two of rain, for putting up with having most of our good sense blown out of us, but no. All the moisture has stayed to the south so far. It is time to begin the clearing of the gardens....already. I may wait a bit. You know how fickle March is; hot and cold every other day.
I've taken down the chimes so they wouldn't fly apart.
     They say we continue to have earthquakes but I haven't felt them for awhile. Well, there was that one that was measured at 5.1. It was 40 miles away but the house shook for 25 seconds. That one I felt. One day it may just cave in on me. Hope not. Who in their right mind would have ever dreamed that the flat prairie of Oklahoma would be newsworthy for earthquakes? Ha!
     If it's warm tomorrow, I'm heading out to do something in the gardens, windy or not. (For as long as I can stand it anyway.) Weeds are taking over the patio again and I have some little onion sets to tuck into the raised beds. Thank goodness we built the walled garden last year. I can go in there and the wind can't find me. That's where I will start then. Oh good, a plan.
    No news, as you can tell. Reading, writing and driving up and down Highway 74. The spice trade is going well. I worked three days this week and sales are good. (I have tried to write, but haven't had much luck. )  I've been deep into reading instead. I do love a good mystery. Taxes are turned in: check.
February and March birthdays celebrated: check, check.  Tickets bought for Hamilton, the musical: check. Super Tuesday happened. (What the hell is happening?) Nevermind. Surely it will sort itself out.
      Yes, you heard correctly. I'm packing my little bag and heading to NYC with Abbey, to see Hamilton. Maybe then we can let this obsession go. (Probably not.) Since I have never been to New York City, this should be fun. We're also going to the ballet, since we are both fans of the beautiful dance. Someone told me,"Don't try to see everything in one trip. You can't do it anyway and you'll go back." I don't think I will go back, but we'll see. I really want to see the art, mostly. Everyone should see a Broadway musical once in their life, right? Right. Check.

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