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Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Visit to Okeene

A few days ago Audra and her boys and I made the drive over to Okeene to visit with Great Grandpa Dotter. Great Grandpa lives in a house with a dragon on the wall upstairs. That fact, of course, is the biggest draw. That and the fact that there is a painting of a huge rattler on a mural downtown.  There are few things more exciting to Zane than rattlesnakes, or any kind of snakes really. Great Grandpa talked some about rattlesnakes and anti-venom and how it works. Zane listened, while whittling on a pencil with Great Grandpa's pocket knife. The boys may get to go to the Okeene Rattlesnake Hunt soon. Wow.
    Here are the boys and I standing in Mom's gardens, smelling the golden Iris that bloom so early.
     The town park in Okeene has had an enormous upgrade since my kids were little. There are statues of wild animals for climbing, good sidewalks and benches for the parents. There is also a tree house with three tall slides and tunnels and...wait for it...
bongos. Yep, bongos; it doesn't get much better than that.

     The baby chicks are doing well in their big house at the farm.  The night of the thunderstorm, their lights did go out, but they seem to be okay in spite of shivering all night long.  The weather gods are predicting rain and thunderstorms for the next three days. I hope the lights stay on this time. I made a few changes to their set-up and hope they work. 
    These are the second and third groups of chicks. The ones from Easter Sunday are below and, as you can see, they already have all their wing and tail feathers, along with feathers on their necks and tummies.
They have their own space in the house, apart from the little guys.  At the right time I'll put them together. This is not that time.
       Tonight was the sing-along with friends. There were only four of us this time around but we made some music. I like every one who comes to sing. They are good people.
     My gardens are loving the real thunder and lightning rain they received last week. What a positive difference it makes. All the beets, potatoes, onions and peas are up in the kitchen gardens. My little fountain is giving me fits. I'll have to get down on the cement and try and fix it before too long.
       Oh, that reminds me, I was able to get a cortisone shot for that bursitis in my hip. Praise the Lord! Now I will be able to hoof it around NYC without screaming in pain all day long, when we go.  Can't wait. I have to go to sleep now. I'm feeling myself nodding off. Tomorrow is a new day.

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