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Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter news

The wind switched to the north and blew cold for another day and then dropped, along with the temps. It was 26 this morning before the sun showed its face.  All the blooming tulips were hanging their heads. It has warmed up to the sixties now and is absolutely lovely.
     I ran up to Atwoods, in the hopes of arriving before all the pullets for the day were sold.  I wanted to have a few little guys for the grands to carry up in the creation story tomorrow.  All they had were production reds so we now have five little red hens.  I asked if they ever had Americanas ( the ones that lay the green and pink eggs) and they said they get them in now and then, but someone always comes by and buys the whole lot at once.  I should remember to order some from the hatchery next year. This year I'll just make do with these guys.  Ro and Zane are fascinated with them.

    Rowan has found a small toad to add to the story. We are looking for other things in the garden. We have fish, as always, and some stuffed animals, pandas, and bears mostly. I wish Zane had brought his huge stuffed snake. That would have gotten some raised eyebrows. I suppose I could take one of the cats, in a cage. I don't think they would like that very much, but we'll see what happens. We may have to go on a snake hunt tomorrow, once it warms up. (Oh yeah!!)
     I was able to talk Zane to sleep today at nap time by telling him the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie....sans all the bloody parts.  I sang him Over The Sea To Skye, over and over, after he knew who the boy was. That's a great going-to-sleep song.

(one week later)

Okay then, things happened, as they always do, and I was banned from the internet for days by the death of my router, followed by no time to go to town for another; Easter week-end came rushing in, I was attacked by a three day stomach bug. I'm fine now.

  Here is the link to Audra's blog, which contains all the best bits. (Deb and LeeAnn, could you go here and copy this for Dad? Please and thank you.) http://korenaks.blogspot.com/

Work progresses on the Nature Hut tree house. We have doors, a few small chairs, a plastic table and a specimen tray which holds lots of snail shells, bits of bark, the femur from something small and a pine needle.  I will take up some eye loops and a battery powered light soon, so we can look closely at details.
This place so reminds me of that section from the poem Ann and I memorized as children:

"And we gather as we travel
bits of moss and dirty gravel
and we chip off little specimens of stone,
And we carry home as prizes
funny bugs of handy sizes,
just to give the day a scientific tone."

I guess the biggest news, all things considered, is that we had to cut the huge cedar tree down.  During our high winds  a while back, the top broke completely out. Zach and Able manned the chain saws and took the trunk down on Sunday last.  There were many pictures taken and remembering when.  I'll probably do a post on the story of the tree soon. I was surprised to find that it made me tremendously sad and I had go walk-about in Maggie's Wood for awhile by myself; needing the space.

Years from now the genealogists will go nuts with this pic, of course.  It looks like Able and Kari have two young sons and Zach and Audra have none. This often happens. I have found myself closely scrutinizing old pics with my sister, muttering about the shape of some child's face, how stocky or thin they are, the eyes, the shape of the ears, and trying to figure out who, in the picture, that child belonged to. These boys are Korenaks, which is hysterical because the original Korenaks came from an island in the Mediterranean and are a swarthy lot; black hair, black eyes. However, our branch of the Korenaks adopted this blue-eyed blonde when he was an infant, so now the Korenaks look like they came from Scandinavia or something. Ah, the tricks that time plays. That's fine, blue-eyed blondes fit right in with the our lines from England, Germany and Ireland. We take all comers.

    That's all for today. I'm off to see the wizard with friends. I'll be back to tell you more.



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