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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Iris Weather and Good Times

So begins the eight week window in which I love living here.
Everything is green and growing, jacket mornings evolve into
perfect sunny afternoons; everything blooming in turn. Sometimes it rains.

Here we have rainbow of Iris and a lovely girl to share them. Abbey, Mags and I wandered through the OKC Iris gardens at Will Rogers Park on Saturday morning.
I must have this and one of these
and two of that one. Mom would love this.
Oh my gosh, look at this guy!
Where do I sign up for this gig?

A garden doesn't look like this without the work of many dirty hands and knees, I know, and hours, yes, and loving eyes and gentle words.
 Show me a gardener who doesn't speak to the green and growing. It can't be done. This sweet girl already knows that truth. It is her heritage.

Maggie's Wood is lush in its pre-Johnson phase. 
It rolls out, full of tiny flowers and soft, interesting grasses in the full range of greens.
I've given up on the black-berries but not the trees.
The son of our mammoth Mulberry is thriving; thick-trunked, wide-crowned. I am so happy. There is much that needs doing. C is right: I need a gardener to do the heavy lifting stuff. I am doing the best I can and leaving the rest to the times when my men come to the farm to help me out.

   The chickens are working on establishing their pecking order. It is already fairly clear who the top dog (?) is. Everyone else is scrambling to find their place. The baby, who has been struggling for life, still lives.  Yesterday she walked around a bit, ate, drank and pooped. Victory! Now if only the others will give her the time she needs to survive. She has a buddy who helps keep her warm. There they are in the bottom right of the picture. Aren't friends nice. They may be sisters.


B had his First Communion on Sunday. He was so well behaved and attentive in his three piece suit.
     It rained all day. My kids say that is Danny, blessing the event. Sounds about right. I found myself very moved to see B in his first walk, by himself, down a long aisle, toward something important.  I couldn't help but think of graduations, honors, and weddings to come. There are so many times when our children walk to the front of the room, with family beaming from the stands, teary eyed. I was surprised how moved I was by the whole thing. Aunt Audra, his Godmother, helped him with his banner and lots of other things. She's a jewel.
      After church, a reception, and time to change clothes and take a breath, we had a party, one of Abbey's wonderful celebratory get-togethers. Family and friends, delicious pulled pork courtesy of Uncle Able, AND several presents. I don't think B knew there would be presents. Surprise! He love it. Thanks to Abbey's big house, there was lots of room for different groups to gather and visit. There were light saber battles that ranged throughout the house, nerf gun fights, ribbon dancers, magic wands, cookies and ice cream...the whole nine yards. It is such fun, I never even think to take a picture.


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