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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Progress on Some Fronts

The chicken house is cleaned out, washed out, and has a new roost attached as well as a sill for the door so the snakes can't get in. The north wall needed a few nails at the bottom. Done. I am waiting for everything to dry out and then I will find the extension cords and set up the heat lamp, spread the wood chips and bring the feed in from the car. (Then I will probably take a nap, truth be told.)   I'm beat. Time for some soup and some book time.
(later….after the nap and some TV)

This day fought me from the git-go and I just charged on.  I remember one time when I was riding along with Danny on a Saturday like this. Every single thing fought him that day too. I said, "Maybe the universe is telling you to go fish in' or take a walk by the creek." He said that if he gave up every time things fought him, he would never get anything done. I see that now.
     I did get the well-aged chicken litter spread on the grass in Maggie's Wood. I picked up some, but not all, of the branches from the winter prunings and hauled them to the ditch. In the process I managed to lose half the load and had to go back and pick it all up again.  Then that happened once more, just to make sure the point was made. Got it. Cease and desist. Go get a drink of water. The bottom line is: the chicks are in the chicken house with their lamps, water and feed. At least I can clean up their spot in here so it won't continue to smell so 'poopy'.  Yep, a week of baby chicks is enough for any lived-in house.
      My doc took me off my acid reflux meds a couple weeks ago because there's new research that they aren't good for your kidneys if taken for too long.  We are trying several different things but none of them is working well.  My stomach hurts all the time, especially after I eat anything at all.  I can't take my Aleve so my hip is killing me as well, which makes me walk like Walter Brennan, which makes my back hurt.  Of course the balls of my feet are excruciating all the time, but that is just the way things are. I keep asking my doc if there isn't some sort of anti-inflammatory I could take for all this pain. She doesn't seem to hear me. I may need to find a different doc. Enough is enough. Way too much pain. I go see her on Tuesday and am going to beg for a cortisone shot in my hip and something different for the belly.  I can feel myself slip-sliding toward the dark side. I do not want to go back there. Just give me the drugs.

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