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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Suggestions Received

I asked for suggestions for NYC and this is what I have received so far:

1. Have fun.
2. Don't try to do everything in three days. Pick a few things and stay with them.
3. Expect all meals to cost way more than you expect. Forget about it.
4. Go to Levain Cookies.
5.  Be prepared to wait in lines for big things.
6.  Try to find some authentic NY Cheesecake.
7.  Forget about the Empire State Building.
8.  Just cruise by the Statue of Liberty and call it good.
9.  Check out the High Line.
10. When your head starts to explode, go sit in Central Park and breathe.
11. Take ear plugs for sleeping. You will need them.
12. Get a smaller, cross-body purse.
13. Everything is farther than you think it is from where you are. Take a cab or uber.
14. Take something to help you sleep, the night you see Hamilton. Your adrenalin will be through the roof.
15. Do not hang your purse over the back of your chair in the restaurant.
16. Take the subway, (so you can say you did.)
17. Take some cash for the street musicians.
18.  Don't say howdy. Don't say hi to everyone you meet, you'll never get anywhere.
19.  Plan your work (play), work your plan.
20.  "The Bronx is up and the Battery's down. The people ride in a hole in the ground."
21. Nothing runs north and south, like it does in Oklahoma. Forget trying to figure out
      where north is. Use Google and just go.
22. Don't try to see all of any art museum. It can't be done.
23. Rockefeller Center looks just like it does on the Today show. Don't bother.
24. Have fun and come back and tell me all about it.

Okie Dokie. We're working on the plan, have our tickets, have some money in the bank, got the hip to stop hurting. All I need is a new pair of walking shoes and a pair of opera glasses and I'm ready to roll.

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