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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Rainy May

      Hello once again, my patient readers. After that wonderful weekend of adventures, there followed a week of pain (out of control UTI) which included a visit to the ER and double doses of antibiotics. Ugh.
   That was followed by a week of doing various things in OKC; working at the shop, meditation group, singing group, watching both girls' children now and then, reading, visiting my dad, and pulling weeds in the gardens.  I spent some time in OKC at the capitol building, lobbying legislators about doing the right thing by the people of Oklahoma in straightening out the mess that is our state budget.  I got on Facebook so I could spread the word and encourage my friends to call/text/email/go talk to their representatives and senators.  They had two weeks left and had left most of the heavy lifting to the end, as usual.

    It was interesting and I really felt full of energy while I was there, but I had to leave at noon (we were going to stay all day) because I feel so strongly about the issues that I got angry inside and couldn't seem to tamp it down enough to be as civil as I needed to be. I really kind of wanted to grab some of them by the throat and shake some sense into them. I won't go into details about the whys and whats involved.  I would get mad again and it's late and I will need to go to sleep soon.
     Today they were going to vote on that stupid bathroom bill that everyone is talking about (*the transgender thing), so we all made our calls once more.  There are receptionists who take your call in the offices and then tally the pros and cons on various bills and report them to the Rep. or Senator.  I was urging this particular Senator to call for a special session so they could take their time and do a reasonable job of solving the problems of the budget with heaping the burden on education, state agencies that aid the poorest and most vulnerable, single mothers, and rural hospitals.  The woman was very short with me, "They already have a budget!"
"I know that," I said, as sweetly as I could manage," but it hasn't passed both houses yet so there is still time to wait and make the changes that will help the middle class and the working poor and the schools."
"It is going to pass. They have the votes, so stop calling."
     I really wanted to say, "You do realize that you and your boss both work for me and the people of Oklahoma, don't you?" but I don't think she did know that, so I just said, "I would appreciate your telling him my concerns. Thank you." Grrrrrrr....
     So I can't go down there too often, but I can be active on Facebook and Twitter and in talking to friends and family. I realize most of you don't live in this state and this doesn't concern you, but you would not believe what a 'mell of a hess' they have created here. Oh well.
     Able and Kari came up to the farm for some R and R last week end. They put the new belt on my mower and cleaned the huge porch and my house for me. Yeehaw! Man alive, what a wonderful present. I have managed to pull both my hamstrings (from bending over pulling weeds for long stretches of time) so walking around is painful, to say the very least. Hard chairs are torture. Today I was mowing the grounds and a hidden pine branch reached out and snapped back, whacking my shin TWICE (how did that happen for Pete's sake?) Wow. That smarted. So basically I hurt all over now, but the yard and Maggie's Wood look great. (Ice packs, a shower and a break with a good book were called for after all of that.)
     This weekend is Farm Camp 2017. The wheat is golden and nearly ready to cut, the mosquitoes are swarming and being gobbled up by the many, many swallows who live under the bridge and flit and fly in circles above the gardens (Yay!) My gardens are glorious. If you ever wanted to stop by for a visit, now's the time. I would love to take you on a tour. Call first so I will know to be here. (Patricia, come back and I'll show you around. I hope you stopped in and looked around when you were here to decorate the graves. You know you're always welcome. )
     I reconnected with Brad, a dear friend from high school this past week. He writes now too and was doing an authors book fair in Edmond. I loved visiting with him and his wife and hope to have the opportunity to spend some time with them, now that they live in this area again.  He is a poet, like me. Who knew?
     Yes, we have been in the rain and tornado phase of the year. So far they haven't hit me or anywhere close to me. We have about a week to go and then the hot winds will come roaring out of the south to ripen the wheat.
       I have set up a temporary outside pen for the chickens so they can get used to going into the coop at night. Today I went to town and forgot they were out there. I expected are resident hawks to pick one of two of them off while I was gone, but no, it didn't happen. This evening they all trotted into their coop at dusk and flew up onto the roosts. Hooray! Here they are, fully feathered and getting along fine.  I need to get the boys to hang a couple of wire gates for me this weekend. I really don't want them in the peace garden, digging up all my pretties.

        The circle whirls, as it has done for millions of years. We're all hanging on for dear life as we fly round and round, trying to do some good things while we have the honor of drawing breath. Take care, all of you, wherever you are. Be a light in someone's day today. It doesn't take much. Know that I love you.
         Happy dreams, or no dreams at all.

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