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Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy Birthday and The Spice Man

 The Spice Man commeth, and doesn't he look the part? Here is Able, OKC's spicemeister, at the Myriad Gardens downtown in their Junglebook exhibit. The last two weekends he has journeyed down there to exhibit and do some teaching about spices in general and the spices of India in particular.
    Besides being a fantastic cook, I call him a chef, he is the knowall when it comes to spices and different ways to use them creatively.  If you have questions about spice use in your cooking, head on down to Savory Spice in OKC and have a visit with the Spice Man. We are located at the corner of  43rd and N. Western Avenue, a few blocks south of I-40.

    We are also blessed to have him and Kari cook for us lots of times. The other night the family celebrated Audra's birthday at Able and Kari's casa. They fixed homemade pizza in their outdoors pizza oven (which is really a smoker but works great on pizza too).  We watched Pirates of the Caribbean off and on, had pizza, salad and strawberries and the traditional ice cream birthday cake that Audra loves.

There was some not so serious Cornhole played (read: bean bag toss). Also some mock sword fights with pretend pirates, and good talk all 'around the campfire', figuratively. We are past real campfire season now that the wheat is turning. No burning when we are close to harvest or when it is windy, especially in a drought, which happens a lot.  Believe me, the news people don't mince words about when there is and is not a burn ban in place. It's Oklahoma, "where the wind comes sweeping down the plains".

I don't know how I managed to end up without a party-pic of the birthday girl, but here she is with her sweetie, last month.

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