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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Road Trip!

     When I was in school in Tulsa, I think we went to the Tulsa Zoo one time and I remember being underwhelmed. I never went back. So when Audra mentioned going to the zoo last week I had low expectations to say to least. But a road trip is never boring so I climbed in and tagged along. We did manage to get lost once, because it was a road trip after all. I am a fan, a big fan, of road trips, especially the wrong turns and surprising finds.
    When we finally found it, out in the wilds, northeast of the city, I was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful it was.  It is not a huge zoo but plenty big enough for kids and grandmas.  There is a train, which we didn't ride this time because we were already too done by that time.  There are elephants (which I missed because I might have been a little too hot) and stayed in the shade during that part.  There were lions and tigers, and bears (oh my), and penquins! and sea lions, snakes and lizards (yes!), a petting zoo with goats and lots of benches in the shade where we could sit down and cool off. There were friendly Otters and loads of other creatures I can't bring to mind at the moment. No Rhinos. Here in OKC we are heavily into Rhinos so we noticed the lack in that department. There was also an Oklahoma animals section, which was nice.
    There was an outstanding playground in the middle, in the shade of tall trees and close to the restrooms. Nice planning. The boys made some new friends and Audie and I had a little rest.

There was also this:

 Yep, the once in a lifetime camel ride. Note: we do not believe in riding elephants because it hurts them and they are wise and wonderful creatures, but we will climb up onto a camel, given the opportunity. Maybe they are wise and wonderful too, probably, but it doesn't hurt them to be ridden (or so the soothsayers say).
     There was also this, a grand carousel with all the animals that are present in the zoo, maybe.  Zane chose to ride the penquins, because they are his favorite animal of all time. Well, penguins and snakes, but you knew that. Ro-Ro chose the lucky elephant and I chose the park bench so I could man the camera and wave.

As the Covington Record would say: "... a good time was had by all". I loved it. There are tons of fun and beautiful places in Oklahoma that we haven't visited. Summertime = Road trip time. (They may not be Central Park or  a Broadway show, but beauty is beauty, no matter the scale, and should be appreciated.) I'm thinking the art museum at Bentonville for one of our upcoming trips.

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