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Friday, May 13, 2016

The Second Annual Mother's Day Snake Hunt

Yes, it is snake season once again. We had a preliminary hunt at Easter but didn't find a single snake. I think it too early and too cold. There are a couple of things you need for a successful hunt:
1. The Ranchero, Great Grandma Dotter's car that Able now drives around OKC when it isn't parked in front of the spice shop, holding the sign. This riding in the back thing is totally against the law and all safety concerns and it cracks me up that Zane, a.k.a. Mr. Safety, is so pumped about getting to ride in the back.

 2. Some muscle. Snakes don't come waltzing out and offer themselves to you. They hide, usually under big rocks or piles of rocks. You need two or three guys along to help with the heavy lifting.

3. Some courage, some gloves and a vintage Okeene Oklahoma rattlesnake catcher (Thanks Great Grandpa!). This kid both loves and hates snakes.  He has watched many, many videos of snakes on YouTube and knows lots of information about them. Before he could even say the words clearly enough to be understood, he would say to his mom's phone, "Okay Google, videos of snakes".
   Here he is, loading the biggest of the catches into the tub without the snake catcher. Picked him up by the tail and shook him down, just the way he saw them do it in the Den of Death at the Rattlesnake Hunt a couple of weeks ago. 

4. Savory Spice jars for presentation.

     There was one more snake found, later in the day, after the second adventure. The snake was longer than Ro was tall, fat, and heading across the road in front of our van. (That's him at the top of the post). We screeched to a stop and tried to keep it on the road until the other cars arrived, so everyone could see him.  The other cars were off on yet another adventure and did not arrive, so we let him go. But first, Rowan gathered all his courage and went up to tap him on the tail. BRAVO! Here are little Ro and his mom being adorable.

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