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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hamilton Sidebar

    Abbey and I follow the Hamilton cast on Twitter, to keep up on the news and because we feel like we're family, whether they know us or not. Yesterday Josh, a friend of Abbey's, was waiting outside the stage door after the show, to see the actors and get some autographs.  While Josh was talking to Daveed Diggs, one of our favorite actors in the show (he plays Lafayette and Jefferson), Josh called Abbey and handed the phone to Daveed and asked him to say hi. They chatted for a bit. What a fun and thoughtful thing to do for her.

That's the Lafayette silhouette directly behind Abbey in the shot below.
     Anyway, I have been seeing lots of push back to the internet robots who buy up any available ticket to Hamilton (and other shows) and jack the prices up beyond belief. When we bought our tickets they were resale tickets and way expensive but I checked and now they are five times that. People know some of the stars are going on to do other things after July so, if they have tons of money, they will pay to see the original cast.
      This show is going on tour starting in August so you may be able to catch it closer to home. It is going to LA and Chicago and then on to Atlanta after that. It won't be the original cast but the writing, choreography, costumes and everything about it is so powerful it won't matter. I'm sure they will have great talent on that stage and it is something you shouldn't miss, if you can make it happen. (Kira Gail, I'm looking at you kiddo. Grab your sisters and your mother and make it happen.)
   By the way, Hamilton is up for 16 Tony's this year and the Tony Award show is on this Sunday evening on CBS. If you're a fan, or just interested, you might want to tune in. The cast will be presenting one of the numbers from the show. If you haven't seen any of it on YouTube yet it will give you a taste of the energy that rolls out of the theater every night in NYC.

    We are so glad we went ahead and bought the tickets and went in April, even though it was kind of a rushed deal and expensive. We'll remember it forever. Thanks, Dad, for the little extra encouragement to go for it. Life is short; eat dessert when the cart comes by.

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