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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Snakes and Costumes and Tassles. Oh My!

 April and May are tornado months in Oklahoma. Temperatures rise and fall, along with the humidity and evening often brings the march of thunderstorms from west to east across the state. This year, it seemed like Kansas and Texas got more of the really bad storms than we did. I do not begrudge them that honor.
    The snakes have come out of hiding and in our family we have what is called "grandma's snake of the day" photo. Sometimes I don't see any, some times I see a thin green tree snake drop out of a tree.  They're only about ten inches long but it still kind of creeps me out.  One day last week this guy was GrSOTD. Love him! They were pretty proud of him so I just took a picture.
     We had two big happenings recently, which I forgot to tell you about. Miss Maggie had her dance recital and did wonderfully, up on the big stage under the bright lights. Here she is (in the dressing room with her dresser, as they say on Broadway)getting ready. They did The Wizard of Oz and she was a Flower Head and a member of the Oz Marching Band (with a super quick change in between). Ah, the joys of the theater.

Afterwards she said it was the best day of her life. You can see that on her face, right?

This kid gave his folks a scare after the show. In the crush of families and dancers leaving the building, he got separated from his folks and couldn't find them. Not one to panic, he looked out and saw Audie and I crossing the dandy little foot-bridge near one of the parking lots and high-tailed it over there, reaching the car just as we were getting in. Scared me to death since I didn't know he was with us. His parents had just begun the famous 'lost child panic and search' routine when I called to let them know he was in safe with us.
     It reminded me of the time my sister became lost at the great State Fair of Oklahoma when we were kids. That was wild and is still a vivid memory AND the reason I never took my own kids to that fair. I believe their father did, when they were in high school, but we never went when they were small. It's a scary thing to see your mother wide-eyed and in fierce to find one of her little ones. The rest of us sat under that Space Needle pole for a long, long time, waiting for them to return. Thank goodness we had Scotter Dotter there to keep us all in line.
    The day after Maggie's recital we had Zane's graduation from Pre-K. Yes, apparently you get to wear a cap and gown for Pre-K graduation. Cool.  His class had about six or seven kids in it. He got to lead the pledge and hold the flag and did a great job. They each told us what they wanted to be when they grew up. That particular day, Zane wanted to be a baseball player for the Cardinals. (I added the team part, but it's the truth. ) Here he is with his family and his best buddy, JM.

Abbey, Maggie and I came for support and to clap our pride. Now he gets to go to Kindergarten and is soooo excited. He has been hearing stories from Maggie this year. He will have a blast.

     For some reason I sat in my car in the parking lot after the graduation, texting a friend and checking email. Turned out it was a good thing I did, because the other two cars drove through a hail storm on the way back to their houses. I missed it all. Ho Ho Ho! And they say the internet is a bad thing.

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