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Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Tidbits

I was pleasantly surprised by the first rattle 'n rasp of summer Cicadas last evening. They emerge from their earthen chambers in the final week of June like clock-work. This is what July sounds like in northwest Oklahoma.

      The fireflies have been lovely beyond words these past three weeks. They are magnificent at along the creek and high up in the tallest Cottonwoods. They bring to mind Tinkerbell and all her kin. But they create a wonderful illusion in the gardens closer to the house as well. I have some tiny fairy lights that twinkle out of the draping wisteria vines and the fire-flies zip in and around them, making me unsure of which lights are alive and which are electric. If there is a little breeze to move the leaves, it is even better.
    And then there's this statue of a young girl, sitting modestly in the undergrowth, staring endlessly at that frog with the crown, hoping. She needs a paint job (and probably a better life-plan than kissing a frog into a prince) but she isn't at the top of the list. Sorry, kiddo. If it weren't for Johnson Grass she'd have no shade at all.  That's my excuse for leaving it; that and laziness and an aversion working outside in the blistering heat. 

        The other day Audra and her little ones came out for a day 'o fun at the farm.  These two kept cool and Audie and I sweated it out in the shade of the Elm tree. (For the record: that particular tree is struggling in the shade department this year. )
Here is a shot of the boys surfacing after a swim in a deep underground water cave. You see it, right?

In the afternoons I do this now, hanging up curtains on the west porch to deflect some of the heat. It works and I like seeing the sheers floating in the breeze. That in itself seems cooling and restful for some reason.

You remember my nearly cutting off my finger last November, right? Since then I have had no desire to take up the rotary cutter again.  I was considering donating my fabric to the quilting group and clearing out that closet once and for all.  Then Audra came out and asked me to teach her how to sew. We made a beginning. My finger tingles every time I pick up the blade. I am extraordinarily careful now.
     Audie would be great at quilting because she loves figuring out puzzles, organizing things, and being exact. She has a tremendous eye for color and design. As a matter of fact, she would be far better at this than I ever was because I'm not like that.  I love puzzles too, and figuring out what goes with what and getting the whole picture put together. It simply isn't important to me that every thing be perfect.  That's why I don't go to quilting group anymore; it was important to them. That's fine; we're all happier quilters now. But we don't get see each other now so it isn't a total win.
      I am cutting pieces for her because she has two little boys and no extra time and I have no one here that might accidentally cut off their fingers (except myself) and all the time in the world. It works. Kari, there's hope for your quilt happening someday. Please be patient.

     I'll end this random ramble with this gem. Blue Salvia (the rougher type not the elegant, smaller leaved type) is an insect magnet. I have several of these in the gardens.  The bees, moths and butterflies can not get enough of their nectar. They bloom all summer, even if it is horribly hot, and into the Fall. There is so much happening in these plants they seem to be humming whenever I pass by. 

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manda_hladik said...

I had a similar run in with a rotary cutter last summer which almost resulted in me cutting my left index fingernail off. Totally get your bad feelings about it. During my days at the quilt store, Randa equipped all of our rulers with a contraption called the Gypsy Quilter. Basically it was a handle with suction cups that was designed to fit on a quilting ruler. Saved us from many mishaps at the store...Now if only I had had one last summer! Something you might consider if you're anxious about cutting quilt fabric again.