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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Eggs At Last !

Guess what....?!

     Yep, the Easter chicks have grown into fully fledged laying hens. I should have put something in this picture to show you how small these eggs are, only half the size of regular eggs, if that. They are adorbz.  I believe only the Marys are laying so far. The Marys are the red and white Production Reds that were the first five we purchased at Easter.
    After finding the one or two eggs a day lying here and there in the coop, or in the tall grass outside in the yard, I gave them a box with grass in it. Then I put a fake egg in there to give them the idea what it was for.  They kicked it all around the coop, scattered the grass, pooped on the box. *sigh* I put a brick in the box along with new grass and the fake egg.
     Finally, this morning, I found they had eggs in the box beside the fake one. (These girls are not the sharpest crayons in the box, let me tell ya.)  I took some down to Zane and some to Maggie J, because those two were the most interested in the chicks from day one. They practically hand-fed them; they taught them how to fly; they taught them how to sit on a perch with grace and style. The eggs obviously belonged to those two. Neither one of the kids seemed at all interested in the little eggs (although Maggie did choke one down after I cooked it for her yesterday. Yay!)
      A couple of evenings ago, one of the Marys followed me all the way across the garden, out the south gate, around the chicken wired pen and into the coop. She just walked along a few feet behind me, making quiet chicken sounds. I've never had one do that. I also don't know what she thought was going to happen when we got wherever we were going. I was just going to clean out the old poopy straw and put in some new, no special treats or anything like that. I'm sure she was disappointed.

Chickens are so weird.
      There should be a few more eggs right along, for the next couple of weeks, and then we'll have eggs for the whole family. There are no green eggs yet, also no white eggs.

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