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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Peaches 2016

I happened onto this draft of a blog from few couple of weeks ago. I had begun and then abandoned it for some unknown reason. I'll stick it in right here, before the Summer days are gone for good.  (Don't worry, we're still very summery in these parts.) 

      One day in July, my sister and I were wandering through the newly refurbished Okeene Library (it is fabulous! Stop in next time you are through Okeene and take a gander) when we noticed there was a signup sheet for Colorado peaches lying right there in plain sight on the checkout desk. We immediately signed Dad up for two boxes, with the plan of my coming over and helping him tuck them into freezer bags when they arrived.

     They arrived and were beautiful beyond words and perfectly ripe, which meant they needed to be eaten, worked, or put in the fridge quickly. I motored over, with my Fruit-Fresh, some freezer bags and happy anticipation.
      Dad and I poached and peeled them, sliced them up, sucked the air out of the bags, and placed them gently in the freezer.  He and I have put some lots of different foods in the past few years and have gotten it down to a nice dance. I can tend toward the messy work station so he always steps forward for clean up duty (if you want it done right and all that). That old Chambers stove of his is clean as a whistle at all times. 
     We saved the second box of peaches to be handed out to friends and family in OKC, since I was heading that way the following day.  I believe I blogged about Maggie and I driving and walking around to neighbors and friends, handing out peaches. That was a fun time. I hope she liked it as much as I did. I ate most of the ones I kept for myself with a dusting of Savory Spice's Georgia Peach blend. It contains all the spices you would normally put into a peach cobbler, or an apple pie for that matter, and a little bit of sugar for sweetness. Oh, my my. If you haven't yet tried this one, now's the time. You can order it online and get it in a couple of days, if you don't live near a Savory Spice.
     In honor of peach season I have included a link to a delicious peach pie from Smitten Kitchen. This is your basic peach pie, nothing fancy shmancy and tinkered with.   As with all thing SK it is fabulous. I plan on using this recipe for the upcoming 4th annual Savory Spice Shop Anniversary Pie Contest on the 17th of September.  Here is the link. You're welcome.

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