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Monday, August 22, 2016

Quilt Progress

Okie-Dokie, the quilt update:
      I finally finished the top this afternoon.  It sort of morphed into a slightly different design about half way through when it became obvious that I didn't have nearly enough material, or patience, to do the entire thing (which is probably what happened to the original).  Here is a picture of the top.

Now I move on to the backing (which I already have) and the binding (ditto).  While I was sweeping up I noticed a pile of leftover 1 1/2 " strips of fabric lying on the cutting table. *gasp* Maybe I did have enough material to do more.  It doesn't matter because I know for certain I didn't have enough patience.  I decided to use those strips, and some others that I cut, to make a strip quilt. They're easy and so interesting. You never know how they're going to come out and they are almost always beautiful.  Best of all, I am including strips from the remnant fabrics from all the quilts I've made for other people so far. It will remind me of all those I made and gave away to family and friends. I almost always give away the quilts I make because ...well, I have quilts from my mom and my grandma so I'm set. I also have the huge chicken quilt which was the first full sized one I made.  No one I know likes chickens as much as I do, so I kept it for myself.  I wonder if I can find some scraps from that lovely blue and gold quilt I gave to C.....not sure.
     The quilt and I had a couple of tense moments, one of which entailed taking some of it apart from the middle and putting it back together. Insanity! But everything finally snugged into place and I like it. I really like the dark stripe running through all the little squares. That's the bright on dark fabric I thought I hated.

     In other news, I wandered over to Dad's for a visit the other day and look what greeted me in the front yard. Surprise Lilies! (AKA Naked Ladies)
    These pop up in August out of the bare ground, their leaves having grown and then disappeared in the early Spring.  They are deliriously cheerful and very fragrant. If you cut them, or they break off, they will stay beautifully blooming for days. They would make lovely cut blossoms except that, for me, they are too fragrant to have indoors. Like lilacs and Iris, Lilies belong outside.

    The chickens continue to lay their various sizes of eggs. I get four or five every day but I feel sure it is about time for some of the other hens to kick in. 
    Did I tell you there is one of the "Marys" who has adopted me?  She follows me around and talks to me in chicken speak.  She will let me pick her up now and then.  This is probably the one Zane named Kissy, or Pecky (I'm not sure what name we settled on), although I can't really tell the Marys apart, to be honest.

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