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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quilting on Hot August Days


 I think I have mentioned that I would rather read than sew, any day, any time. I like to piece quilts but I don't love it, so my stash sits quietly in the closet, waiting. For the past six months of so I have been trying to whittle the stash down by tossing those pieces of fabric that I consistently set to the side on projects. 'Noooo, not this time.' or 'Welllll, nah, it doesn't really fit with the others.' If you sew, you probably know the drill.  I got rid of them.
    I gave quite a bit of material to Audra to use in her first quilt. I used some of it up in the fabric wreaths at Christmas. I decided I was never going to make that second quilt of the bugs in jars, so I put all that in a pile to give away.....but then I saw that the fabrics were already cut out into the jar rectangles. Oh drat. They were pulled back into the stash. *sigh*  What can I say? I'm weak. I'll do it.....someday....maybe...or else I'll be stronger then and will be able to let them go.

     This week I decided to start on a baby quilt for the newest little Blakley baby who is due to make an entrance around the first of the year. I love this postage stamp quilt because it took three different women to finally bring it to completion; a friend of Mom's who cut out all the little squares from Heritage Prints years and years ago and started sewing them together, my Mom (who bought those pieces at an estate sale after the woman passed away), and your's truly who took the pieces and parts and gathered them together after Mom died, finally stitching them into this quilt for a small child. I decided to replicate it with more of the scraps in my stash.

I didn't have a pattern, but I do kind of know how it's made. There are a couple of tricky parts....hmmm.  I am making progress and have used up an incredible amount of material while cutting out strips, sewing them together and cutting again. I am excited to see how it comes together because I have sworn not to buy any new material.  I even had to use the sacred chicken material, some of Danny's old shirts and a very loud color-on-black print that I thought I would never get used up. Ha! It was perfect as the stand in for a major recurring line of fabric that I ran out of near the end.
    The original is soft muted colors all the way through and is completely random because of the way it was sewn. This one won't be that. This one will be bright and vibrant but very pretty, just in a different way. There will also be patterns of fabric that repeat now and then. I will mix them up so it will look a little random...unless you study it closely.  I'm keeping the original here at Grandma's house where it gets lots of use by all the little ones. 
      (There is this one, very important fabric that repeats all the way through, that I need just a little bit more of.....) Stay strong, I keep telling myself. Use something else.  It doesn't matter. (Breath in. Breath out. ) I may have to stop by Randa's on my way to the City. I will probably find that one and something else that I can't possibly live without, and the stash will continue to exist.

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