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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The New Quilt

     The new strip quilt (aka Jellyroll Quilt) is coming along. It takes forever in the beginning...sewing and sewing and sewing while I think, "Is this really going to work?" and "I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished. "  They are always surprising to the quilter because as you turn and sew and turn and sew, it takes on its own rainbow design.  I already love it because of all the fabrics I have sewn into it. They remind me of all the quilts I made and gave to people over the past ten years or so. 

     Here is where we were this morning: all sewn together and ready for the first fold and attach move. The floor was starred in little multicolored corners that had been snipped off. I know, this looks like a complete mess that will become tied in knots, but it doesn't. It unravels itself as I sew it together. I have flipped it twice now. Hmmm....there is a lot of blue fabric in there. I like blue. One of Danny's chambray shirts is in there and a couple of his school shirts. There are some happy prints from the little boy's baby quilts and a strip or two off one of my mother's sheets that I had to repair the other day.
      I don't really know what size it will be when it is finished. I'll simply make it the size I want it to be by adding borders if I need to.  The funny thing is this: when I look at my material now, having used up so much of it in Kari's quilt and now this one, it doesn't look any smaller. What???  It seems like there is still the same amount of material in those plastic tubs. How is that even possible? It's like the loaves and fishes all over again. (Jesus, Mary and Joseph!)
     Oh well, I tried. You can't say I didn't try. AND there are still those borders to figure into the thing.  There are some fabrics that I seem to have quite a bit of (which puzzles me somewhat). I must have not had the slightest idea how to figure the proper amount to buy or something.  (Math? Who needs math? I can feel you chuckling, Louann.) Oh well, they're very pretty and will make nice borders to hold all this wild color inside. 
     I still have another baby quilt to make too....oops. Did I let that slip out? Did I tell you that Audra and Zach are expecting another baby too? I think it is fantastic that she and Kari are pregnant at the same time. That way those two little ones will have playmates, like Rowan and Everett, Maggie and Zane.  (Maggie is over the moon that Kari and Able's baby is a girl. She is so happy to finally have another girl in the family. She tells me she is hoping that Audra's baby is a girl too, but won't know about that for a few months.)

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