"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Five on Thursday. (?)

That title has no ring to it at all.
My apologies.  I'm weary.

1.      In our family we have a saying for days when everything seems slightly off bubble, nothing works as it should and you run yourself ragged redoing every single thing you set your hand to. We say "The Earth wobbled". Today was such a day (and, to be honest, yesterday wasn't anything to write home about). I'm not sure what's up but, in my defense, I talked to a couple of people during both days and their days weren't much better. Of course there were others who looked at me like I'd lost my mind, squinted their eyes and gave me the slow head shake. Fine. It's probably just me. I'm looking forward to tomorrow being a humdinger, to balance things out. The garden is doing its part to realign the balance of all things. Look at this scarlet extravagance.  (The hummingbirds are beside themselves with happiness.)

2.     We have been blessed with several wonderfully cool rain showers lately, which not only brought a much needed drink of water to all growing things (especially the newly planted wheat and alfalfa crops) but washed some of that Fall pollen out of the air. I have been able to have the windows open most nights and mornings.  My nose and sinuses are supremely grateful for the break. Bless up and save us!

3.     Last Tuesday I jumped in the car with one of my genealogy buddies and her mom and headed to Riverdale, Kansas. We're related...well, they are related to Danny by blood and to me by marriage. Before the Blakley brothers participated in the Cherokee Strip Land Run in 1893 they lived up in Sumner County, Kansas, near Riverdale.  Old Bennett Blakley's wife, Martha, is buried up there alongside her father, Isaac Guffy.  C and I had been wanting to take the trip so we just went, on a whim.  C is four generations down the line from the Martha buried here, and five from Isaac.  She was so, so happy to find their resting places.
   We found the place, finally, and cleared all the grass away from the two stones.  No one has mowed here recently, sadly. On the way back we drove south along what was once the Chisolm Trail. My children's and C's ancestors saddled their horses and drove cattle up this trail from Texas before the land runs started, so it seemed appropriate that we would drive home along the route that day. These sillouettes grace one section of the trail.

 4.    The chickens get wackier by the day.  I chalk it up to all that early handling (training) by Z and M early on.  The latest thing they do it this: in the evening, when all of them have gone into the coop for the night, one of them will come running through the garden paths, straight to where I'm sitting. They'll run around my chair and then head back to the  coop. They aren't lolly-gagging along, like they usually do, they are on a mission. They are packing it! I have never had chickens do this before.  It's always only one, and not the same one each time.  All the others will be in the house, up on the roosts. It's as if they're telling me, "Okay, it's time to shut the door now. We're all inside."  They're so funny. It's about time to rig up their light again, so they will continue to get 12 hours of sunlight, even though the hours of daylight gets fewer and fewer. I'm getting 6 eggs a day now. My kids and I are enjoying their tasty goodness nearly every morning. Thanks, my feathered friends.

5. One of the annual events with schools in this area is the Fun Run at the Elementary. It's a school wide fundraiser that centers around health and fitness. I don't know how fun it actually is for the kids but it's fun to watch them and cheer them on. I completely missed seeing Maggie run this year because I was confused about the times, but did get to watch B run a little bit. 
     B is more than halfway to 10 years old and it shows. He and I have begun to have good conversations about lots of things, ideas, books, humorous happenings. He 'gets' insinuations and subtle jokes now. I love it! He has joined a swim team and seems to thrive on both the exercise and belonging to a group outside of school. He is becoming more and more self-confident and capable, two of my favorite character qualities. I really like this kid young man.

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