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Monday, October 17, 2016

Birthday Goodies

    I had a wonderful birthday again this year, with folks coming to the farm, armed with chainsaws and work gloves, to help with the clean-up.  The branches and tree trunks have all been pushed/carried away and the look of the place is much improved. Many thanks to all the workers and also to those who sent greetings or called from other parts of this great nation, wishing me well.  We'll see you soon.
   That beautiful frilly girl in the picture was a surprise bloom that opened on my exact birthday morning. Oh my!  I don't know where it came from or how it came to be planted there, but there it is. I like to think it is my Mom sending me birthday greetings from the great beyond.
    The only drawback to the week-end was that TBW was roaring out of the south all day Saturday, yesterday and has now picked up again this morning.  We must have some kind of a storm brewing. Time will tell, as it usually does.
      Everyone is looking forward to another big week-end celebration this week as we gather with family to celebrate my dad's 91st birthday. Hip Hip Hooray!

    We volunteered our woods by the creek to some friends for a camp-out a couple of weeks ago. I was hesitant but knew them to be experienced campers so decided to trust them not to set the woods on fire or kill themselves.  The campers built a sleeping platform, weed-whacked the tall grass down, built a sand and stone fire pit, and cut out a lot of dead, hanging branches from the area. Now it is a wonderful place for camp outs for all of us. What goes round, comes round...as the saying goes.
I'm more than pleased that it came round on that venture, as Fall is the perfect time for camping in the woods.

     Apparently I was gone to the city too many days last week because when I returned, I found the carcass of a dead female Cardinal lying by the back door.  Why do they have to eat the Cardinals when there are sooooo many sparrows of all stripes filling the bushes? Darn you, cats!
     I'm off to get some more mulch for the east beds today. I had lots of help on Saturday on that side, but we came up a little short, as usual. I think you can always use another four or five bags of mulch, no matter how many you buy.  Onward!  The Mums are adding splashes of bright color throughout the gardens now, as I work away, tucking everyone in for the coming cold. Hope your Autumn is chilly and bright. Enjoy this moment. Breathe deeply and soak in the light of sun and moon as they are beamed or bounced your way. 

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