"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October and Good Thoughts

    My birth-month has begun.
From this day, through that final spooky night, I will wrap October around me like a multicolored shawl.
 I will walk through dewy grass before sunrise and lie under the stars at night.
 I will prepare the garden beds for winter, moving things to other spots with better light.
 I will look deep into the white-lighted throats of Morning Glories.
  I will bid the summer birds adieu and welcome back Chickadee and all his kin.

     We have a big family party planned for somewhere in the middle and perhaps another nearer the end, that one complete with original costumes and spooky treats on the counter. I love this month, though not because it is the first one I saw.  I love the feel of its air upon my skin and the scent of Curly-cup Gumweed through open windows. Autumn is never about sports for me.  It is always about nature changing leads, storing its energy for the coming days of winter. It feels as if we were putting on our brightest clothes and listening to soul-stirring music while packing for a long journey. 


     Here is a pic of the front of the house these days. Some of the plants and grasses did well in the horrid soil there, oddly enough.  Some did not, so now I know.  I like it anyway. I didn't want it to be a jungle that demanded my constant attention. I wanted peaceful, a few blossoms and a way to the car when it is raining cats and dogs, or snowy. ( No, I don't go down the ramp when there is ice.) There is a winding cement path around to the back steps for those days.  I suppose I could simply use a sled and zip down. Who knows, perhaps I will give it a try. First I'll have to find a sled. 


     Someone came into the shop the other day, taking pictures for an interview they were preparing for one of OKC's free food magazines.  Aren't these spices beautiful? I love the variety of colors and shapes. They didn't even include golden Turmeric in this shot. She is the Queen of Spices and rightly so. Star Anise (that's it in the center), packed with natural goodness, sweet on the tongue, antibacterial and gorgeous. What could be better?


     While I was looking for pictures for this post, I happened upon this old one of Danny and I.  Hadn't seen it for awhile so thought I would share it with you guys. What a nice man he was. Good, in so many ways.
      In the string of good things that have been happening to me of late, let me add this anecdote.
      A man came out to the house today to do some measuring for something. His sons had been students of Danny's and he had not yet learned of his death.  We had a good visit and as he was leaving he offered me a hug and a wish for God's blessings upon me.  I cried and hugged him back, which he also needed because both his son and his son's son have died within the past year.  Oh my.  On we go, spreading the love around, hugging those who need hugging, speaking encouraging words to everyone.

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