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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tea and a Bum Shoulder

   Do you know what this means?
This means it is cool enough that I can sit on the patio and sip hot tea (with fresh Lemon Verbena from my garden) in the mornings. Ahh....perfect. 
    There is a lot of cleaning up that needs doing around here; branches that need picking up, broken trees and tree limbs that need a chain saw 'very, very badly', mulch that needs spreading around, bulbs that need planting, Iris that needs a sharpie marker and division into sacks.
     Lots to do, but here I sat today, sippin' on tea and reading a good novel. Ya know why?  Because for some reason, my 'bad shoulder' (the one that was supposed to have been fixed a year and a half ago, so it would become my 'good shoulder') was suddenly zinging with pain again.
      This blows my ever-lovin' mind. It was fine and dandy this morning when I woke up. I walked out to the chicken house to let them out and BAM! suddenly it's screaming with pain. Again. This is so frustrating. I don't do heavy lifting or anything at all stressful with that arm and still it yelps.
    I iced it, took the analgesics, and spent the day wandering around in the beautiful weather and reading.  The shoulder has done this before, during the summer, and the next day it was fine. We'll see what tomorrow brings.  If it isn't fine, I'll go to the doctor again.
   Hey, Ann, thanks for this beautiful cup. I love it.

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