"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The News

     Having waited far too late to shut up the chickens, I walked in that direction last night under the shining constellations, serenaded by hosts of crickets.  The spider that lived in the trellis sets no traps for me anymore.  I walked through one of his webs the other night and he had the terrible misfortune of getting his eight skinny legs tangled in my hair, which earned him a mighty whap from your's truly. He's dead now.
       As I emerged from under the trellis I saw, in the grass before me, one tiny, unblinking light. This happens every year about this time.  I see a single fire-fly glowing on the ground.  There were no more about, no one to come to his love-light for a goodnight kiss. He was too weary even to fly, and would not survive the chilly night.
      In the elm today I spotted a pair of elegant grey Tufted Titmouse and yester-evening I saw a bright pair of Cardinals, come up from the creek banks.  The regular winter crowd is beginning to gather. The Hummingbirds are still here, or they were a day or two ago when they buzzed me while I read on the porch swing. I expect them to start their journey to warmer climes any day now. The Mums are almost all in bloom, brightening the gardens with orange and yellow splashes of color.  In the vegetable garden the small, sweet tomatoes continue to ripen and the autumn potatoes are in bloom.  We will get them dug before the frost, I hope. 
      My dear chickens have found a secret place in which to lay their eggs. Today I did not get a single egg in the box.  I searched to no avail.  They will remain shut up until noon tomorrow and the next day so that they will remember where the eggs are supposed to go. I'm not feeding chickens that don't gift me with eggs.  Yes, I have turned on their light so they have the requisite 12 hours.
    I have surprises in store here. Can't tell you yet, it's a secret.  I'll fill you in later, when it's completed. No, I haven't managed to finish that jellyroll quilt, but thanks for asking, keeping me on task. I only need to finish the final border but seem to have run out of 'want to'.  Maybe tomorrow morning.
     For the past three days I have happened upon extremely kind people at stores or in parking lots. Today, in the parking lot of Atwoods (a farm supply store), a man came jogging over to lift my bag of chicken pellets out of the cart and into the back of my car. He was so pleasant and glad to be helping. Wow. Maybe everyone is so disgusted with all the hate-talk going on in the election that they are going out of their way to be friendly. I know I am.  Whatever the reason, I love it.  People taking care of each other, for no reason other than basic human kindness. There may be hope for us yet.

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