"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Blonde-headed Babes

Here are my darlings, after a fast and furious romp across the bales and back; relays, races and such.  The littlest, there with the wide stripe on his leg, has been able to jump the bales for almost a year, but always with hesitancy riding his back and fear in his eyes. This was the day he took the reins, with a little encouragement (what a great word) from that tall cousin standing behind him.  (It helped that these bales had been set closely together, doing away with the dreaded gaps into which you could fall and disappear.)  Now he can fly, they can all fly. The two babes to come, roll and kick, already keeping their mothers awake when the moon floats by.
     We did not have the party for Pop, as it turns out.  But my siblings came down and we all had a good visit. My sister brought some Iris (of course) and helped me tuck them into the thin prairie soil, so different from that black gold where she lives.  I have more Iris looking for a home, although it is late now. *shakes the head* I also have a few more tulips sitting here on the table, giving me the stink eye because they are not planted.
     Soon, my lovelies. Patience. This may be the day. Oh, and don't get too excited about those visions of snuggling into the warm earth and resting for months.  The chickens will probably scratch you up into the chilly sunlight a few more times before any serious snuggling commences. Chickens are a piece of work....but they are honest about who they are. There's that, which is refreshing as hell in these days prior to a big election.

Enough said. I have trundled all my soapboxes out into the shed and padlocked the door.
I am off social media for the duration. ("The truth is in your face..." LLM)

       I have some one dear to me who figuratively comes knocks (or pounds) on the walls of my room if too many days have gone by with no written word slipped out, under the door.  In truth I have two such someones; women who know me well. Such riches have been afforded me! You know who you are. Many thanks and much love, always and forever.  You serve as luminaries, shedding light, warmth and nudges (aka: finger snaps)


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