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Friday, November 25, 2016

Cookie Time

      The festivities have begun for Thanksgiving. Since Audra always works at the hospital on Thanksgiving Day, we have our family meal on the week-end.     
   I've seen lots of Thanksgiving crafts and pictures hanging around in both houses and on Wednesday it was time to bake the turkey cookies with Aunt Audra.  Mags and E and I headed over there bright and early (for us), donned our aprons and started in.
     Audra is a master at cooking with more than one little kid. She is a pro.  Each child has specific jobs and they all wait for their turns. There are always a few messes, but that happens when cooking happens. It is part of the party. The little boys were in charge of egg breaking/sugar and flour measuring, while Zane and Maggie were manning the mixer, adding ingredients passed by the little guys + measuring the vanilla, spices, and butter.  Everyone helped with tasting. I was helping with the measurers and did have to catch the extra egg as it was dropped out of its shell into thin air.  These things happen.

These two are both missing their front teeth, and are designated as the Snaggletooth Gang.
Here we all are before the flour starting flying everywhere. What a great bunch of little cutie-pies. Everyone helped with the cutting out of the cookies and then we read Thanksgiving books on the sofa while they baked. Memories made. Check. Yes, Grandma B. is once again wearing a blue shirt. (The other day Maggie asked me if I had any shirts that weren't blue. Hmmm....let me think. Not counting turtlenecks......2; one is red and the other is orange and red. So now you know.) I'm just happier when I wear blue, and that's okay.
    I spent Thanksgiving with my Dad. We had hot tea, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes, pecan pie (I got to have all the pecans....because I'm super special...and Dad didn't want them), and celery with homemade pimento cheese. Neither of us wanted turkey or dressing, which was a good thing because we didn't have any. Ha! We also did not have any green beans, just because.
      Most of Dad's trees haven't even dropped their leaves yet and it was a balmy 75 degrees out on the back patio where we were sitting, enjoying the sunshine. Honestly, I don't think we're really going to have winter here this year. It's the end of November, NOVEMBER, and it looks like mid-September most days. Alrighty-then.  It is what it is, I suppose.

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