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Monday, November 21, 2016

Ten On Tuesday: 11/23/16

I know, I know, I have been on a poetry kick for the past two weeks and you're probably sick of it. Right. I hear ya. Here we go with some 'not poetry' about everyday life.

Let's see...this week in ten takes. Okay, here we go.

 1.  I did make it down to The City for my library gig with the little ones this week. It was Bookfair week so was the usual madhouse. Kids come in with some change or a few dollars and it burns a hole in their pocket (or ziplock) until they can find something, ANYTHIHNG, to spend it on.  Oh no.  They'll buy any junky little gizmo, just to spend that last dollar. Ridiculous.

2.  I didn't get to work at the shop this week and am feeling kind of guilty about that. I was there, handing out hugs and visiting with people once or twice, but no work. I'll fix that this week.  This Saturday is Small Business Saturday so we would love for you to come out and buy some Christmas gifts at the shop then...or any time really. Who am I kidding?

3.  I was able to watch my boy B swim several races at a big meet at Mitch Park YMCA on Saturday.  I love swimming, as you know, and these kiddos seem to be able to swim forever and ever.  He did fine and seemed to be enjoying himself. I'm amazed at how much his strokes have improved over the past two and a half months.

4.  I took MJ to her horse riding lessons again. Wonderful stuff, as always. She is so responsible and focused in there. Ah, discipline, it's a great thing.  (While I was sitting there in the barn I managed to get bitten by a 'something' in four places. OUCH!) Next time I'm not sitting in those red tall chairs. I'll keep moving, in the hopes of steering clear.

5.  Of course there was the chicken massacre, which I am not going into again. The remaining hens are fine now and stilling laying the eggs...except for the two skinny hens, who haven't seen fit to get back into the game. Slackers.  I put up another roosting bar for them tonight so they'll have plenty of room. I also put a timer on their light so they won't think it's daytime all night long and eat me out of house and home. Close those pretty yellow eyes, my pretties.

I also took a trip to Atwoods for more feed.. and chips (and so the balance shifts....hahahah). These are the survivors.

 Hey look, a new picture of me in my favorite plaid shirt. Finally it is cool enough to wear this wonderful thing most days. Yay!!!!  Yep, still gray headed and smiling.

6.  After a week of fighting the good fight with the sinuses, trying to get my body to actually win this time, I threw in the towel today and got some antibiotics. Ding-dee-diddle-dee! It is Black Friday weekend AND Thanksgiving (sometime) and I need to have some energy for all of that good stuff. Of course they weigh you....grrrr...I had just eaten lunch so I thought, "What the hell" and stepped up there with my shoes on and my purse slung across my chest.  I must have misplaced a few pounds because I still weighed what I usually do. (NO, I'm not letting that nasty number out into the ether! You crazy, girl??)

7.  I finished a couple of books, started a couple more and walked some wanderers around here to the newly  opened spaces on the bookshelves.  Oh! The reason for those openings is that Audie, Ro and I moved all the children's books out to the new asymmetrical bookshelf in the music room. (You don't have a music room? Ridiculous. Fix that.) The new shelf is very cute and is also graced by P. Rabbit, B.Bunny, Flopsy, one tiny felt doll from the other side of the world, and Mrs. J. Puddleduck. Good times.

8. Eight already. Hmmmmm.....I got a box in the mail this week, opened it and discovered it was packed full of all those gorgeous-beyond-words Iris I had ordered in the Spring. They said they would send them at the 'appropriate time for planting in your area'. Not so much, guys. The middle of November is two months late, but thanks for playing. I soaked them for a couple of days, planted them all together in their special bed and watered them in. Here's hoping. If they live, that bed will be spectacular in a couple of beds. I will be more than happy to share at that time. :)

9.  Happened out into the darkness at 11:30ish the other night and it was one of those nights I call 'constellation nights'. The tiny stars weren't visible but all the constellations were popping out perfectly. A great night to test my recall on the lovelies. Beautiful stuff. As I laid out there, watching and breathing, a flock of geese flew over, heading south; their calls fading into the darkness. Orchestration, wow.

10. Oh, we had the Supermoon! How could I forget that guy? The orbit of the moon was closer to the earth that night than it had been since 1948 (I wasn't even born then, so it's a big deal.) This pic is courtesy of Christal, out in Arizona. There is also a great one on the internet of the moon balanced on the Gateway Arch. Cool beans!

There you have it: ten top happenings from this week. TTFN

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