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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ten on Tuesday: 11/8/16

1.  A quiet day, a cup of tea, gentle rain drip, dripping all around me and a good book.  Hallelujah, Hurrah, shake all bells; finally!  You guys in Portland, count your blessings.
It has been so dry and dusty here for week after week that it's putting us all on edge.  Ahhh......( Yeah, I'm sure it wasn't just the dry and dusty putting everyone on edge. Ziiiip.)

2.   I neglected to share this jewel with you guys.  One day, in a recent week when Abbey was in D.C., Audie and I took all the kids to The Myriad Gardens' Pumpkinville.  The weather was perfect and we had a grand time playing through all the 'Halloween rooms' they had created. The place was crawling with kids but everyone was fine with it...well, I may have had a bit of trouble keeping track of all five of ours. They're fast little guys.
     I love it that Miss Mags has her arm slung around my neck in this shot. She and I have been doing some serious bonding lately.  She is a wonder and I love her dancing spirit. Here is Mr. Zaney-boy and his mom peeking into the Three Bears' House. (Obviously not a scuba diver.)

3.  We are all packed up at the shop and ready for the holiday rush to begin.   The shopping hasn't really begun yet. We're a little late this year because it has felt like September outside up until day before yesterday; temps in the 80s no less. Please! Now we have cooled off a little and once those jackets come out of the closet, people will begin thinking about buying a gift or two.  We're ready. Come on down. Savory Spice can make this sooooo easy for you.

4. Last week-end Abbey, Audra and Kari's two sisters threw a beautiful baby shower for Kari and little Alice. Kari has a big, big family and I like all of them so far. No wonder she's such a wonderful woman. We can't wait to meet our new little miss just after the new year rolls around.

A beautiful pumpkin themed party for our new 'little punkin'.

5.  I gave her that quilt I worked on all of August.  You remember, the one before the jelly-roll quilt.  For some reason I got all choked up and weepy when she opened it. It was because there were pieces in there from Danny's shirts, and mine.

I guess I better get to work on one for Audie's new little boy. 

6. 6...6....6... ummm...I don't anything that fits for 6.  Let me check.....nope. Moving on.

7.  Remember me sharing my thoughts on the book (and now a movie), A Man Called Ove? Right. I read that one, loved it, passed it on to Dad, and then read another one by  Fredrik Backman, "my grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry". I love the way this man writes.

8.  I went down to the capitol to a rally in support of the people gathered to protect the water of the Missouri River, and all the waters south of there, at Standing Rock Camp in North Dakota.  There wasn't as large a group as I would have expected, but it was peaceful and I was happy to be there. 

9.  My sister and I are shipping Iris back and forth to each other.  I received her package today and let the little darlings out of their damp paper towels and plastic bags. Unfortunately I can't put them in ground today because of the steady rain. Let it be known to all parties that I am not complaining about the rain. They're okay, sitting on the window sill talking quietly amongst themselves, making sure everyone made the trip in good shape.

10. This miniature rose is going out in a blaze of glory. It has been non-stop all summer and it is planted in horrible soil. Some things are determined to live and bloom.



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