"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


     My wonderful son, Able, has been absent from my blogs of late. In defense of that oversight let me put one word out there: December. Able and I own a small business in OKC and December is the month when small businesses rock their ledgers into the black and bring in some profit if they're ever going to.
     Able has been busy, busy, busy being the Spice-Guy of OKC AND, in case you hadn't heard, getting his house and his life ready for the birth of his and Kari's first baby. Yep, little Alice Blakley will soon come into the arms of her family. Right now, she and her mom are keeping intimate company, bonding, sharing heartbeats and songs and whispered words. I am so excited to meet this little girl.

    But the reason for this particular picture and story is this: Aunts and Uncles are important in a child's life, and Able is a favorite with all my grand-kids. He can toss them into the air or show them how to do cannonballs off a dock. He can be silly with them and he welcomes them into big bear hugs if they need it. He lets them help him in the shop sometimes, playing at being apprentice spice merchants, letting them play hide and seek in the storage compartments.  When they're old enough, he'll probably give them a job there and teach them the secrets of retail.
     Able is a great source of strength and comfort to me, and he makes me laugh and introduces me to his connections in Oklahoma City; chefs and musicians and business people, as well as his interesting friends and neighbors. They all welcome me with open arms because I am his mother (many of them even call me Mom and I find that I like that).
     Able is one of those people who have the unique talent of being able to fit comfortably into many completely different groups. This is partly because he doesn't readily pass judgement on people, he accepts them as they are, unless they betray him in some fashion, unless they prove themselves false. He isn't an innocent at all, but he'll respect your true colors unless those colors are harmful ones. He seems easy-going and laid back, but he is always watching, and is able to read people, seeing through their masks, as it were.
     Thanks for all you do and are, Able Worth. You continue to be a great blessing to me and my favorite son. : )


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