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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vacation For Grandma B

     It has been several years since I went on a traveling jag and now it's time. Someone is house sitting at the farm and I am off in a snug little cabin in south of Branson with a dear friend from college.  She was my Freshman roommate, to be exact. We have a lot to talk about since this is only the second time since 1975 that I have seen her, the last one being six years ago.  It doesn't matter with Lisa though, we share Midnight of our birthdays and are all lined up on almost everything.
     The getting here part of yesterday was a little off-script. I took a wrong turn and ended up seeing scenic Claremore and Chelsea, Ok before realizing I was waaaaay north of where I should have been.  (Yes, I do have googlemaps on my phone, but I knew where I was going and didn't need to turn it on. Famous last words.)  There is no quick way to get from Chelsea to highway 412. There are slow ways, all of which involve lots of gravel and red-dirt roads, and guys in pickups with hay bales on the spike.  At one point, after I turned on Maps, the map girl said to me, "I don't know how to help you."  Hmmmm....
      I may have gotten the tiniest bit hysterical for a few minutes, called a couple of friends for back up and almost had a wreck with a pickup coming up over a hill in the center of the dirt road.  I know, it was my own fault for being on his road at that time of day. I admit I wasn't sure which state I was in for a few minutes, ridiculously. As you can see, I wore the right shirt for the trip into unknown lands.

(Unknown lands? It's Arkansas for the love of God. It is not an unknown land, it's the next state over. Actually, we ended up in Missouri so it turned into a three state trip.)

     I did finally make it to our meeting place (thank you, Cherokee Turnpike) and was more than happy to let Lisa drive all the way to Branson after that. We found the cabin but it took another hour or so to get the correct code for the door and then we proceeded to lock ourselves out it again almost immediately. It's a great place. We're having a blast. We have a fireplace....well, an electric fireplace, but I'll take it. Ambiance you know.
    Today we drove all over Giles County looking for and at various things. We found a bookstore and splashed around in there for awhile, then headed to the Showboat for a cruise, a meal and a musical show. I bought sparkly snowflake pins for all the spice girls and then proceeded to leave them on the boat. *sigh* Such is life. The food was very good and the show was.....cheesy, as you would expect.
      The roads here drive me nuts because I can see us rolling the car off the side of every hillside, all day long. I may or may not have watched too many police chase scenes.  I hear the secret is to not look at anything but the road when you are the driver. We'll see. Lisa is driving tomorrow too...let's be clear about that. It's her car after all. Maybe we'll go on the zip line tomorrow. One never knows.
Tonight she and I are both on our computers, catching up on various people and things. She is working and I am playing, as usual.  I see Debbie Reynolds has died today, one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher died. Wow. Time for some Chamomile Tea and some poetry. TTFN

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