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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Pictures

Last day of the year....again. This year went flying past, as they seem to do more and more lately. Let me see if I can do a "2016 in pictures" for you.


I spent New Year's Eve at Abbey's house and did a puzzle of the year with her kiddos.  I should be there this evening but I've only just returned from a trip to Missouri with a friend and think I will stay here this evening, cooling my jets.

 Last year we had our Christmas at the Farm in January and the kids had tons of fun playing Pirate on Grandma's big bed. 



     I somehow missed B's birthday pictures, but managed to snag a few in February at Rowan's party. Grammie and Papa Korenak were in town from SE Missouri to join in the celebration. I spent a lot of February doing genealogy work at home. It was too cold or icy to head down to the City so I holed up at the farm and got all my papers super organized and everything in its place. 



March was a full month, complete with Easter at the Farm as well as cutting down the last of the giant Cedars from a hundred years ago.  The ice storm and then the wind had split it and it was dying from the inside. For everything there is a season.

Here are these wild guys on Easter, giving me their best pose.
     Easter brought some new little chicks to the farm again this year and the kids fell in love with them.  As the year progressed, they continued to love playing with them every time they came to the farm for a visit.

  Here are Able and Kari all dressed up for Easter Mass as well. 



 This is the month we really pulled the new tree--house together at the farm.  A roof and windows were added and a railing up top. Abbey, Able and Kari ran the 5K in the Memorial Marathon, and yes, taxes were paid, Daffodils bloomed and Earth Day came around again, but all that paled in contrast to what Abbey and I did together in the middle of the month.

 Yep, Abbey and I climbed aboard the big bird and flew to NYC to see Hamilton, An American Musical, at the Richard Rogers Theater.
We had been following the cast, reading books, and listening to the music since the Fall and were enamored to say the least. No, we were addicts and still are. The show did not disappoint. We had a great time sightseeing and visiting all places 'Hamilton' while we were there. I want to go back this April and see it again with the new cast. Probably won't happen, but it would be fun. The tickets are still ridiculously expensive for the show in New York.

This is Abbey and me in front of the stage doors and the picture below is the original cast members, the ones we feel we are kin to. 


May was a busy month, beginning with Mother's Day at the farm, including more than one snake hunt and discovering the Sam Blakley dugout from 120 years ago. I love this group picture we took there. I only wish that Kari was in the picture with us. Then it would be perfect. 

Then we had Maggie's dance recital, which was fabulous. Here she is getting ready.  And the next day we trouped over to Zane's pre-k and watched him graduate. Yep, caps, gowns and tassels.  We also celebrated Audie's birthday in May.


 June started off with Farm Camp, as always: snakes, animal tracks, exploring the creek bank, riding horses, catching turtles, treasure hunts, insect collections.

 We also had a couple of birthdays not long after that, one for E. and a week later, one for Z.  We had a lot of family together time in those two months, and let me say...I'M FOR IT!

 Here is something else I am happy about: in June I had the sidewalk poured around the south side of the yard. Now you can park and walk around or up the ramp and not get your shoes wet or muddy, no matter the weather. Hooray! 

We spent a few week-ends at the lake in July, having fun in the sun. This year we added a couple of Kayaks to the mix, which were wonderful. We spent the 4th there with some cousins and aunts and uncles. We had a fish-fry and fireworks to wrap up the week-end.
    Maggie started horseback riding lessons this month and she fell head over heels for horses. I'm so glad, because horses have always been very dear to me. This is something else we can bond with.

August was spent sewing like a madwoman, working on a baby quilt for Kari as well as a full sized quilt for myself. Wow, what a whirlwind of activity.

Oh, I almost forgot about going over to Dad's to can some Sandplum jelly in July and freeze some peaches in June.

     This was our fourth anniversary at the spice shop in OKC and we celebrated with our annual pie baking contest. It was huge this year and loads of fun.  We, of course, did a lot of pie baking the day before so all our customers would have free pie all day long. Yes, everyone helps with everything on Pie Day and the day before. That's the 3 year old, rolling out the crust and the 7 year old cutting pies in the back of the shop on the actual day.

     We have several birthdays in October so there are parties, and siblings flying in to visit and sing to the birthday boys and girls. And then Halloween happens; a huge event in the lives of the OKC Korenaks and Richards.  Well, oddly enough I don't have any pictures from Halloween. But I do have this one from our trip to the Myriad Gardens in October.

 And this one of one of our several campfires during Fall Farm Camp.  We had a fire every morning and every night for several days and then there was camping in the woods to cap it off. Wow.

  November was the election as well as the end to the stand-off in North Dakota between the Native Tribes and the builders of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Things got nasty up there and finally they agreed to halt the build...for now.

We had a baby shower for Kari this month and had a wonderful afternoon with all of her family that we rarely see. (Right, no picture yet again. )

 Here I am, with 4 of the grand kids, baking cookies for  Thanksgiving.

     After Black Friday, business at the spice shop started barreling ahead at full speed. We had a great season.
      I found my lost collection of nutcrackers finally and Maggie loved playing with all of them after we attended the Oklahoma City Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker, as we always do.

 I ended the year with a four day vacation with my college freshman roommate, Lisa. What a wonderfully peaceful way to finish up a busy year, being quiet with a dear friend. Perfect.

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