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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

All The News That's Fit To Print

  The ice did come but was not as bad in this area as in some others; not the huge devastation some folks had anticipated. That's a good thing.  Once you have lived through one of those serious ice storms, the ones that take down all the power lines in the state, you have set a pretty high bar for any and all future storms. You're golden; at least it seems that way thus far. 

        We definitely had the cold temps but no wind (a saving grace) and once the big rains finally arrived, the temperature was already back up above freezing. Timing, if not in fact everything, is a good portion of the important things....right next to location, tone of voice, and tolerance. The cats were allowed into the garage where they could snuggle up and stay warm.  I did not lose any branches at the farm although I did see several trees with newly broken branches farther south as I drove to the City today. 
     I had decided not to buy any groceries for this three day confinement because I had plenty of food in the pantry and the freezers.  I did fine and began working through the stockpiles.  I'm going to keep going and see how long I can run this thing.  I finally ate the last two eggs from our chickens, these two small ones from the Lucys. They were delicious. I hope the hens have acclimated to life at Farmer Tim's by this time and are enjoying their new found friends.
      I finished another of my puzzles of bookshelves, my faves.  They are all by the same guy and are so cute and pun prone that I can't resist. Some are not about bookshelves but are about sewing closets or fishing work benches or about gardening sheds; places with lots of widely different items that are somehow related to each other and to one theme.  So fun!
     I also finished a book or two, watched parts of several movies and a couple of whole ones, worked on my taxes, cleaned all the bathrooms top to bottom, and made cookies...most of which I froze for later. Oh, and before the ice came, I had the guys come out to look at the kitchen and talk about what I wanted to do about cabinets and flooring.  Yes, I'm finally getting started on that project and I am excited to get it going.  Of course that means emptying all the cabinets, but that's fine.  I can do a little simplifying while I'm at it.  I also slipped in to see a couple of docs last week, nothing wrong, just routine checkups; got my flu and pneumonia shots. Check. Now all I have to get is that pesky vaccine for Shingles.  I keep forgetting about that one.
     The big news in these parts is that Kari went in to be induced this evening.  Baby Alice, whom we sometimes call Baby Spice, should be born tomorrow some time. I will let you know the stats once she arrives. Stopped by their house at around noon and had a good visit with A and K for a bit; gave them hugs, wished them well, caught up on the the news and house improvements.  They have really snazzed that place up in the past year or two.
    I worked at the spice shop today and had a grand time with Sam and Priscilla as well as with the customers.  I especially enjoyed that fine gentleman from Miami, Fl who came in to see us while here visiting his son and grandson.  He was a delight; so interesting to talk with about spices and everything else.  Good times on Western Avenue, as always. Then it was home to Abbey's for supper with them and the Korenaks and lots of playing with the kids.  It's Girl Scout Cookie time again! Dad, I'm bringing you some as soon as they come in.
     Mags, Zaney and I played nerf war (with no bullets, because I don't like being shot), hide and seek, and doctor.  Zane had a broken leg this time (easy peasy), MJ had a broken arm and an intestinal blockage of some sort, we had to open her up and fix that.  I had to have open heart surgery, as usual.  We all did very well and were up and about in short order.  Zane had to put an IV into my hand prior to the surgery...which hurt almost exactly as much as putting in a real IV for some reason. Ouch.  There was some pretend bleeding, as you would expect, but Zane applied pressure and it was soon under control.  The Korenaks headed back home and we had baths, books, and bed. THEN I got to have a wonderful visit with Christal in AZ on the phone and an in person chat with my Abbeydoodle, before heading up to bed myself.  A good day, any way you cut it. 

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