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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Art in OKC

    The bronze statue stands on the grounds of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in OKC.  There are other smaller statues inside the museum; horses and cowboys captured in the act of roping a steer, racing full out, falling, shooting at something; but this is the one that brought me to a standstill as I walked to my car. Ranching was hard, dirty, lonely work that started at sunup and ended at 'dark-thirty', if they were lucky.  Seeing another person was probably a rare event for the cowboys, unless they had a crew together for something special.  Usually the worked alone with their horse for company, checking cattle or fences, doctoring those who were sick, seeking out the wanderers; which is what makes this combination so moving.  It isn't only the men who are happy to see each other in this moment, clasping their hands; the horses touch as well, resting a tired foot, brushing skin against skin.

Here is another one, a Remington, that I like. Snake versus horse; the man holds on for dear life. Ha!

There is the famous End Of The Trail in the main lobby, surrounded by windows. This one breaks my heart every time I stand and gaze upon it; horse and rider both, at the end of their strength.

     There is much to see in the galleries. Next time you're through OKC and looking for some art that is reflective of the history of this place, stop in and take look around; it's right off I44 and easy to find.

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